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The Asylum invites you to Zombie Night

Zombie Night


Thanks to a hit TV series and numerous films the zombie craze is still in full swing and doesn’t show any signs of them returning to their graves. The Asylum has delivered a few of their own to the genre, but now they are bringing along Feast director John Gulager to bring in his brand of lunacy for Zombie Night along with Anthony Michael Hall, Daryl Hannah, Alan Ruck, and Shirley Jones, but does it offer anything new to the genre or will you wish it had never risen from the earth?

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The Asylum

Zombie Night follows two families fighting to survive when a blood thirsty hoard of zombies come out at night. This is one of those zombie movies that has a simple premise and should work with very little effort and does on some level, but comes up short on others. The story isn’t complicated, but it bounces all over the place never giving you the chance to really get invested in any of the characters before taking you on to others. To that vein it makes a lot of the characters just annoying and unlikeable. Everyone in the cast are good actors, but they seem to be just phoning it in. On the flip side there is plenty of crazed zombie action that is bloody and fun to watch and does make up for some of the shortcomings to the rest of the film. Most of these moments are welcomed interruptions to the cluttered story and gives the film numerous moments of good zombie fun.

Gulager has proved that he can deliver some fun horror with his Feast series and Piranha 3DD, but the more serious approach to this film just doesn’t deliver as often as it could have but still enough that it is sure to entertain. This is not your usual Asylum film as it doesn’t sport a lot of the cheesy fun, but instead stands out as one that at least feels like there was more money and time put in to making it but just needed a bit more. This film is far from perfect but if you love zombies and the Asylum you will no doubt enjoy this film.

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