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The ‘Ask This Old House’ DVD demonstrates the maintenance and repair of houses

Maintenance and repair often are required when preparing for and cleaning up after a disaster.
Maintenance and repair often are required when preparing for and cleaning up after a disaster.
Dan Vale

The DVD "Ask This Old House"


“Ask This Old House” is a DVD series that has recorded episodes from the “Ask This Old House” TV series. Some Examples of the maintenance and repair projects covered include how to:

  1. Fix a leaky toilet valve.
  2. Sharpen chain saw teeth.
  3. Landscape a garden for the back yard.
  4. Start plants from seeds.
  5. Use power tools safely.
  6. Perform maintenance on a snow blower.
  7. Hook up a generator for a house during a power blackout.
  8. Install new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  9. Repair a broken window glass pane.
  10. Install a clog-less gutter system.
  11. Stock your plumbing tool kit.
  12. Use a caulking gun.

The cast of this TV series includes four craftsmen who could be described as the MacGyvers of household maintenance and repair. After they take emailed ( questions from viewers, these craftsmen decide what projects to undertake. Sometimes one of these four will drive to the house of the person who asked the question by email and will film the maintenance or repair project at that house. Most the filming, however, is done in a loft where these four craftsmen answer viewers' questions by demonstrating the maintenance and repair techniques.

The “Ask This Old House” website lists the episodes and describes the projects for each episode. Viewers can find the projects of interest to them and stream the episodes dedicated to those projects.

Learning these maintenance and repair techniques often can save preppers money that they otherwise would spend by hiring professionals to do these jobs. If preppers do not have the proper tools for these projects, preppers could sometimes rent the needed tools. Even if preppers have professionals make house calls and do these necessary projects, preppers will be better able to evaluate how good a job these professionals are doing and will be better able to estimate how much these jobs should cost.

Related to this DVD series is “This Old House” magazine. It is published 10 times a year and also may occasionally publish extra issues. Subscribers also can access the digital edition.

Maintenance and repair of a house is always important, but is maintenance and repair is especially important when preparing for or recovering from a disaster. Even if preppers know most of these maintenance and repair techniques, this DVD can be a valuable method of cross training for other family members.

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