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The Armachillo review

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Armachillo Pattern Long Sleeve Shirt by Duluth Trading Company


As proclaimed here and intimated here and here, lightweight clothing is showing up everywhere. The various companies invested in this trend tout a widely diverse list of advantages as to why light is the new black, and most of them make sense. Lightweight clothing takes less water to wash and less time to dry. Since there is generally less material in a lightweight garment, less resources, from beginning to end, are required to manufacture it. Sometimes less is more.

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In keeping with this concept, Duluth Trading Company has a line of clothing known as Armachillo that challenge exactly how light a particular article of clothing can be. In particular, the Armachillo Pattern Long Sleeve Shirt, which is cut from a positively flyweight 2.5-ounce 50% nylon, 50% polyester blend fabric, is easily one of the lightest shirts I’ve ever worn. The shirt, especially when worn without an undershirt, feels like wearing nothing at all.

This nothingness, despite the multitude of features like expandable bellows pockets with hidden pencil and mobile phone sleeve, vented back panel, oversized buttons, and sleeve-keeping tabs for when it’s time to roll them up, is nothing short of amazing. The shirt, in size XL, weighs in at a scant 8.7-ounces.
During the month-long test, the Armachillo Pattern Long Sleeve has proven itself as a good all around shirt. If removed promptly from the dryer, it requires no ironing. Even if it is forgotten in there, a few minutes hanging in a steamy bathroom while taking the pre-work shower will smooth out all but the most stubborn creases. All in all, the Armachillo Pattern Long Sleeve Shirt is super easy to live with and works well dressed up or down. Nice.

For more information about Duluth Trading Company products, click here.

**Full disclosure: This shirt was provided at no cost for editorial consideration, to think otherwise would be unsound.