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The ambience of Fountain Medspa: The fountain of youth to the stars

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Many marvel at how celebrities seem to stay so youthful but, what you don't know is that the trick of the trade is to find a reputable spa that will enhance your inner and outer beauty. We've discovered an element that is just as important as the services and that is; the atmosphere, the tone and quality of the spa. You can't have one without the other as they both go hand in hand.

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Tucked away on the east side of midtown Manhattan, we found the secret to the stars called, Fountain Medspa where Dr. Todd Schlifstein and Dr. Jeff Goldstein are at the helm of Fountain Medical Group. Not only are the services superb but, the ambience that the spa exudes is perfect for an ideal day of relaxation!

Upon entering the spa, the first thing that you'll notice is the zen like mood and decor of the office and it's additional private suites. The tranquil hues of the colors that adorn the space includes; off white and cream, a warm gray, accents of blues and the beautifully distressed hardwood floors compliments the entire suite. The staff was courteous and patient to the many questions we asked and are well informed. The decorator and architect who is credited for the design, look and feel of Fountain Medspa is the talented, Elise Som.

The upscale services that compliment the decor and mood include a vast array of pain fee cosmetic injectables like botox and fillers; the facility has state of the art technology equipment that provide superb treatments such as, facials and laser services. Medspa also offer various pain management and wellness services like the popular customized IV treatment of compressed vitamins that professional athletes, models and actors love!

After an hour or so of customized skin and wellness treatment, you'll feel as luxurious as the spa's interior decor. It's a full body experience not only for your skin but the visuals are a bonus! For further information call check out; call #212-327-1428 or visit 205 East 69th Street, #2B New York City.