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'The Amazing Spider-Man' is very enjoyable

The Amazing Spider-Man


Yesterday, this column reviewed "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," the latest Marvel comic book film. This year, several Marvel films are scheduled to be released. One is "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," the sequel to 2012's "The Amazing Spider-Man."

"The Amazing Spider-Man" stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, a likeable teenager who lives in New York City with his Uncle Ben (played by Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (played by Sally Field). They have been raising him since he was a little kid. Peter is a social outcast. He is also a good science student and while at a science lab, he gets bitten by a genetically mutated spider. Shortly after this, Ben is murdered, and Peter is determined to find the killer. This ultimately leads him to transform into Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Dr. Curtis Connors (played by Rhys Ifans), a mad scientist looking to find a way to regrow his missing arm, performs an experiment on himself. This experiment causes him to turn into a giant lizard and terrorizes New York. Spider-Man must stop him.

This film has almost the exact same story as the original "Spider-Man," which came out only 10 years before it. But there are enough differences to make this new version work. It is quite a bit darker than the first film.

This movie has great special effects. The scenes with the lizard are very well done. He is a fun villain. Also, the scenes where Spider-Man is swinging around look quite real.

The cast is very strong. Andrew Garfield is a great Peter Parker and a great Spider-Man. Emma Stone is also strong as Gwen Stacy, his girlfriend.

A classic superhero story, "The Amazing Spider-Man" is a good choice for Spider-Man fans.