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The Amazing Spider-Man #2 (2014)

The Amazing Spider-Man #2


The second issue of The Amazing Spider-Man continues with last issue's cliffhanger, Anna Maria confronting Peter, knowing that he's Spider-Man. So Peter tells her the truth, not just about being Spider-Man, but that Dr. Otto Octavius did a mind swap with him, and the Peter she loved was really Otto in Peter's body. The only way Anna Maria could deal with this is to bake, and as she and Peter stir and look for baking trays, they continue their conversation. She tells Peter to take the cookies out of the oven in twenty-two minutes, no more, no less time, and she then goes out for a walk to think about this on her own. When she leaves, Peter's phone rings, and the ringtone is "Beethoven's Fifth," and Peter realizes that Otto changed all of his ringtones while being in his body. The call is from The Avengers, so Peter heads out to visit them.

Regular cover for The Amazing Spider-Man #2 (2014), written by Dan Slott, art by Humberto Ramos, inks by Victor Olazaba, and colored by Edgar Delgado.
© 2014 Marvel Characters.

In the next scene we see Max Dillon, AKA Electro, visiting a girlfriend at her apartment, named Francine. Because his power has been acting up, he has no other place to go, so Francine lets him stay. Meanwhile, back at Avengers Tower, Spider-Man arrives with a batch of cookies, and Captain America wants to know why Spider-Man is twenty-eight minutes late, and why he's wearing pants over his costume. Spider-Man explains the importance of the cookies, and that the pants wouldn't come off due to Dr. Octavius changing the web formula so it would last longer, and in the previous issue he had to web-up some undies because he lost his clothing. In addition to the pants not coming off, Spider-Man really has to use the bathroom. After going through another full medical scan, Spider-Man turns out to be himself, even though Spider-Man already told them about the mind swap with Otto Octavius. As Spider-Woman enjoys eating some cookies, Captain America tells Spider-Man that Venom is Flash Thompson, and Spider-Man isn't happy that he kept this secret from him for so long. Captain America tells Spider-Man that he's still an Avenger, so he should take the pants off, because he looks ridiculous, so Spider-Man heads out towards "Parker Industries" to see if he can find a solution to make the webbing dissolve.

When Spider-Man arrives there, he changes back to Peter Parker, and Peter runs into his lab partner, Sajani, and she wants him to fix a glitch in the nanite delivery system. Peter has no idea how to fix this, and he really needs some help. Enter Anna Maria, and Peter wonders why she's there. After a "false message" she gives Peter to get Sajani out of the room, Anna Maria tells Peter that she can help him, because Otto explained everything to her a dozen times, and she can teach it to Peter. The scene shifts over to Electro and Francine, and Electro explains to her why he's so mad at Spider-Man (as seen in The Superior Spider-Man Team-Up issue five through issue seven). To make Electro feel better, Francine kisses him, but because his powers are acting up, he ends up frying Francine, and Electro goes berserk. Back at Parker Industries, Peter and Anna Maria notice this, because all of the power goes out at this moment, Peter realizes it's Electro, and dismisses himself from Anna Maria.

A brief fight goes on with Spider-Man and Electro, and watching this fight are Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, and Felicia Hardy, The Black Cat. Afterwards, Spider-Man hears "Beethoven's Fifth" on his phone again, and sees that it's The Human Torch wanting to meet up with him at the usual the Statue of Liberty. Johnny tells Peter that he lost his powers and they talk about other things. In the end, Peter has a staff meeting with his workers at Parker Industries, and he wants to put cybernetics on hold so they can build the best super villain prison ever. The story ends here.

The Amazing Spider-Man issue two is a great read, but it's nowhere near as good as the first issue. This is good, because there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered, and slowly they are. Issues like this are great reads because sometimes it's good to read about the little things that go on, like the baking scenes, hearing "Beethoven's Fifth" as Peter's ringtone, or Spider-Woman saying how amazing the cookies are, and Spider-Man saying things like, "I know, right?" Elements like these add realism to these story lines, and sometimes it's good to get away from issues that are overloaded with action and fight scenes. It is clear that Electro is the main villain here due to the release of the film "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," and in this issue Max Dillon wears a hoodie like Jamie Foxx did in the movie. Overall, I give this issue a four out of five stars and it's written by Dan Slott, penciled by Humberto Ramos, inked by Victor Olazaba, and colored by Edgar Delgado. The Amazing Spider-Man #2 has 22 color pages, retails for $3.99, and is available now at local comic shops and on digital formats .