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The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2014)

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The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2014)


The time has finally come, Peter Parker returns full swing with The Amazing Spider-Man issue one! The Superior Spider-Man is no more, and The Amazing Spider-Man is back, cracking jokes and focusing on helping innocent people, without beating the bad guys practically to death. The return of Amazing starts off with a two page flashback when Peter was bitten by the radioactive spider...but what happened to that spider after the bite? Here we notice that the spider bit a girl after it bit Peter. Then the spider laid dead, affecting nobody else. The flashback sequence ends here, but this story is far from over.

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In the present day, a group of villains calling themselves "The Menagerie" are up to no good, and Spider-Man shows up to stop them. The problem is...Spider-Man is only wearing his mask and "tighty-whities," made from his webbing. After the embarrassment, the story goes back to four hours earlier, where we see Peter talking to a news crew, telling everyone that he's back, and that the reports of his death are false. We also get to see Jay, Aunt May, and Sajani having a conversation with Peter. Anna Maria Marconi, The Avengers, and J. Jonah Jameson are seen in the next few pages, and we see what they're up to, with the aftermath of the events of "Goblin Nation." After these panels, we see the initial fight with Spider-Man and "The Menagerie," and we see why Spider-Man loses his clothing. The end of the main story is a conversation with Peter and Anna Maria, and this could have an effect with their relationship, even though Anna Maria was Otto's love interest, not Peter's. To be continued in the next issue.

The second story is about Electro, and his downfall. The story takes place in a bar, but ends at the remains of "The Raft," and Electro consumes a lot of power, and wants to fry Spider-Man. This story is to be continued also. The third story shows us what happened to The Black Cat after The Superior Spider-Man knocked her down and webbed her up (in issue 20 of The Superior Spider-Man). She served prison time, and when she escapes, she's not happy with Spider-Man, and she's going to make sure he pays for it with his life. This story will continue in The Amazing Spider-Man issue two. The fourth story is a fun, cutesy story that's full of laughs. The fifth story features Spider-Man 2099, who will be getting his own series again in July. The sixth story features Kaine. The seventh (and final Spider-Man) story in this book is the strangest one. It's a retelling of the wrestling match and talk show performance from Spider-Man's early days, BUT, there's a kid named Clayton Cole, and he happens to be where Spider-Man is, even on the tragic night that the burglar escaped the police, the burglar who shot Uncle Ben. This story makes sense, but the strange part is that Clayton has modern day technology, internet, a smartphone, etc. This story will continue in Amazing Spider-Man 1.1. There's also a backup story for Inhuman #1.

Overall, this book is like the title, Amazing! Not only because the one and only Peter Parker/Amazing Spider-Man return, but the stories are well written, and the artwork brings the stories to life. There are several creative teams that bring us these seven stories, and they did what a lot of readers wanted after Superior Spider-Man ended, they filled in a lot of gaps. It seems like a lot of great stories will be heading our way in the upcoming months. This issue is great, I give it a five out of five stars, this is a must read book for fans of Spider-Man, or for new readers who want to get into this series. The regular edition has 82 pages and retails for $5.99. The special edition-digital exclusive has 145 pages, retails for $9.99, and it includes all the stories, a variant cover gallery, penciled pages, the inked pages, and the original script. I purchased this version and it's worth the extra dollar amount considering all the extras you'll get. Pricing will vary with the variant covers, especially the ones that are store exclusive variant covers. The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (main story, "Lucky To Be Alive") is written by Dan Slott, penciled by Humberto Ramos, inked by Victor Olazaba, and colored by Edgar Delgado. Available now at local comic shops and on digital formats.


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