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'The Afterlife of Billy Fingers' - The finest spiritual book I've read in awhile

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers


I've never read a book quite like The Afterlife of Billy Fingers! It's subtitle is How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There's Life After Death and it likely comes under the category of New Age or Death & the Afterlife. I've read a variety of books in these categories, but I've read nothing like this one. In The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, Billy's real sister, Annie Kegan chronicles very unique and special information she receives directly through Billy about the afterlife and his soul experience as it ascends to higher and higher places on the other side.

From the beginning, I could not put this book down. It's a kind of spiritual "thriller." When Billy first appears to Annie, she cannot believe this is happening to her. She also is dead set against writing a book that would "expose" her relationship with her "bad-boy" brother. However, she's in a writers group, and she can't help but be curious about Billy's continuous showing up - sometimes with material evidence she cannot deny. She refers to going on a "cosmic journey" with Billy in this interview. Eventually, his persistence pays off, and Annie decides to write the book Billy desires to write with her - "their" book!

Here are some special sections from the book to wet your appetite. If you choose to read this book you'll likely learn more about the afterlife than perhaps you've ever known.

Becoming the Universe is how I understand the incomprehensible nature of this otherness, how I venture into a dimension of what you may call the Source. And I can say, most inadequately, that at the center of everything is an energy, an immaterial material that for lack of a better word I'll identify as love. Wow, baby sister, and how I love and how good it feels, this love, You can't imagine it. You really can't. There is no way for you to. (p. 76)

Billy shares many "secrets" from the Great Beyond with his sister. Here are a few of these secrets:

Well, guess what? My hologram is expandable. I can live out the life those "what ifs" would have brought me to. I can follow all the different paths I didn't take when I was alive and see how they would have turned out. What's surprising, though, is that it doesn't seem like one way is more valuable than any other. I don's have a preference. It's all fascinating, and I have no regrets. ... It's funny. They say there's Judgment Day after you die, but actually the opposite is true. There's No-Judgment Day. Viewing my life has become surprisingly enjoyable because I have an absolute acceptance of myself and everything I've done. It would have been nice if I'd been able to have this attitude when I was alive, ... (p. 44- 45)

... There is no right way for things to turn out. Some endings are happier, some not so happy, but it's not just the happiness percentage that matters. It's the music of it. Most people's lives don't have enough music. I was lucky; my life was a rock opera. (p. 49)

What's important now is that I have been delivered to this bliss that is beyond pleasure, beyond joy, beyond anything that can be imagined. My present bliss factor is four hundred million times the potency of the healing chamber I was in right after I dies. (p. 84)

Remember, the blue-white light is always inside you. And every day, by remembering it, you feed it, and it will grow. When life is joyous, the light will be there. When there is hardship, the light will also be there.

I know you're afraid that things will go wrong. They will. it's like that on earth. We're all permitted our pain, but pain is a transitory state. My transition was to death, to this comfort and love I now receive in every molecule of my being. Know that the shadow is illusory and temporary. Bliss, ultimately bliss and light, are the truer and stronger reality. (p. 95)

As the story of Billy's soul's experience unfolds, he moves further and further "out" into the cosmic universe, until by the end of the book, Billy is merging with the Oneness in a way that he senses he will not be able to return to Annie to speak with her again. He says to her one day "I am going from somewhere to somewhere else and I will never return," and Annie realizes that she has to say goodbye to Billy, even though he reassures her that "I will never leave you" just before he actually leaves her.

I highly recommend that you read this book yourself. Especially for people who are struggling with the loss of a loved one, this would make the perfect gift~!

To our Health, Wealth, and Higher Consciousness! And happy reading, Dancing heart~~~~

p.s. And here's another interview with Annie if you'd like to spend more time with her.

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