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The Adam Quest: A Review

Eleven scientists who held on to a strong faith while wrestling with the mystery of human origins.
Nelson Books

The Adam Quest by Tim Stafford


The recent debate between Creationist Ken Ham and Bill Nye, the Science Guy garnered a lot of attention, but probably changed no minds when it comes to the debate between Creationism and Evolution.

But Tim Stafford has taken a different approach in "The Adam Quest." Stafford interviews and gives profiles of eleven scientists, all Christians, but who have differing viewpoints regarding creation from young earth creationists, to intelligent design proponents, and finally theistic evolutionists.

Stafford respectfully presents the view of all eleven scientists before drawing his own conclusions.

Stafford writes, "If evolutionary creationists stimulate fresh, humble, faithful understandings of Genesis that enable us to tell God's creation story anew, marrying biblical revelation to scientific understanding, we will gain."

Much like the debate, Stafford may not convince anyone to change their position. In fact that is not his goal. Rather he asserts that Christians can respectfully differ on these matters.

The book is a good read for all believers who may find themselves asking "but what about the dinosaurs." And it's a good read for non-believers to understand that the Christian view of Creation is not superstition, but is based both in faith and science.

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