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The 2014 WWE SummerSlam Review!

New WWE Champion Brock Lesnar
Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

2014 WWE SummerSlam


This past Sunday was WWE SummerSlam, so lets German Suplex someone and jump into the results and my comments on the matches!

  • Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella--- Winner-Stephanie McMahon

Steph looked really great! I didn't want to see a match here but it wasn't the worst match I have seen and it was a nice plot twist with Nikki turning on Brie. I don't like the addition of the affair angle with D.Bryan because that doesn't make him look good. I think they are swerving it to make it seem the Authority made it up but we will see.

  • Paige vs AJ Lee--- Winner-A.J Lee

Paige won back her Diva's title! And did anyone else notice her little slide on top of A.J (I hate to point out these types of things during the Divas matches but I would fail in life if I didn't say anything about it)? This was a quality match and I think there will be a rubber match if A.J stays around. There is a lot of noise on the interweb that A.J is done with the WWE and is looking for a way out, but we'll just see what happens. This was easily a Diva's Match of the Year nominee!

  • Miz vs Dolph Ziggler---

Ziggler brings home the best looking title in WWE as he is the mid-card representative again. This was a solid match but I really wish he would get a new finisher.

  • Jack Swagger vs Rusev-Flag Match---

The rules of the Flag match changed and this turned into a pinfall/submission match with Rusev winning in a very good match. Jack Swagger was getting hot there and I hope they stick with him as they put someone new in front of Rusev.

  • Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns---

The more I see him, the less I think of Roman Reigns. He has one burst of moves (that sounds familiar) and nothing else. Mediocre guys have been multiple champions before (rhymes with Shmatista) but I hope he gets on top of things before the Royal Rumble comes around.

  • Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins---

Best.Feud.Of.The.Year! Rollins won my favorite lumberjack match of all time (no I can not name 2 other lumberjack matches) and these guys could go on and on and I would be happy. But it is being said online that Ambrose will be taking time off to do a WWE movie which I can do some fantasty booking and have him come back in DEC, beat Rollins, then on to the Rumble to win it! I will admit I am a little bias when it comes to Mr.Ambrose, but none-the-less, he is by far the most entertaining and BEST member of the former shield. And I have to mention how brilliant Kane is doing in his role of this feud.

  • Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt---

This is a nominee of best match of the year. These two guys are so great together. You have to watch this match! The image of Jericho near the ropes staring at Bray when he went up in his spider crawl is fantastic. Bray Wyatt winning this match makes the most sense, but I found myself turning off my wrestling logic (wasn't too hard) and sitting back and really enjoying this match as a wrestling fan that just wants to be entertained. Job well done, boys, job well done!

  • Brock Lesnar vs John Cena---

'HERE COMES THE PAIN!'. I can not say it enough on how great Paul Heyman is. When Lesnar was loading up with another German suplex (did the German announcers just call it a suplex?), Heyman yelled the old Lesnar catchphrase and it was fantastic. This reminded me of when the Steiners would suplex the other team to death, or when Kurt Angle would do the same. It wasn't a instant classic match, but it was the very interesting almost squash match with a hint of 'Cena could win it' sprinkled here and there. I'm not too sure that these two could have done a better match. Lesnar is a ligit 'Once in a Generation' athlete, and I'm excited and hope that a title run will get him more appearances in WWE, even though I have NO problem with him working a Raw or two and then a Pay Per View. Brock dominates and becomes new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

I love seeing the older guys come back and do a part-time schedule. It is what is best for business. This last RVD run was near perfect because he just inflated other guys (if you have not watched the NXT match with RVD vs. Neville, you must do that right now) and didn't hog up the main title. I don't have a problem with Brock Lesnar winning the title as long as he stays around and gives us more than Dwayne did (3 ppvs and then out). This SummerSlam was one of the best in a long while and I'm still thrilled with it days later. $9.99 on the WWE Network is such a great price for this, so get it already and enjoy the greatest display of German Suplex's ever! HERE COMES THE PAIN!

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