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The 2014 Scion TC coupe may just be everything you need

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2014 Scion TC coupe


Once upon time not too long ago, Toyota produced iconic and forever legendary sports cars such as the MR2, Celica, and Supra that left behind a distinct legacy. Since then, Toyota has introduced the Scion sub brand that has a fully loaded, youth injected orientation way of thinking. And now, specifically offers two distinctive sports models with the TC and FR-S. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to spend a week with wicked fun FR-S, but this week, I had some QT with the second generation TC sport coupe.

The TC recently underwent surgery to get a freshened facelift, upping the ante of aggressive styling cues. From front to rear, it's not hard to notice the refreshed skin as it compares to the previous generation model.

The tester was delivered in a bright red paint, underlining the sport oriented personality. Bold wheels fill out all four wheel wells enough to introduce another level sporty sophistication. The coupe-like silhouette deceives the added versatility of a competent hatch.

The capable hatch is only one of the many surprises on the interior. Sturdy and attractive materials adorn the interior cabin from dash to deck. The rear seats introduce additional versatility by folding completely flat for some of life's needs. Unlike most of the competitors in this segment, the TC offers the best in style and function.

Starting the engine of the TC also reveals an unexpected surprise into the small, yet competent 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine. A pleasant growl from start to drive is sure to please the senses when ignited. During the drive, a smooth and direct 6-speed automatic promises to pull each gear with ease and contributes to the impressive MPG.

Although Scion is marketed as a youth oriented brand, the Scion TC should be a top pick on the list for any consumer. Whether it's a first time buyer, or a retiree with an empty nest, the TC appeals to all and offers plenty of bang for the buck. The spirit of the Toyota sports cars from the past lives on in the TC, and continues to be a strong contender in a segment flooded with iconic legends. For more information on the Scion TC, please visit