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The 2014 Must Have Item for Men

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Gekks Footwear


Dear Gentlemen,

Are you immersed in the on-going popular trend of wearing no socks with your casual boat shoes or are you one to wear a tailored suit with a pair of nice dressy loafers once again dismissing the use of any socks? Do you find your wife or girlfriend, even your bromance buddies complaining about the unappealing stench coming from your footwear? And yet, no matter what you do, whether using messy foot powder or wearing low ankle socks that slip off the back of your foot... you seem not to find success? Well, here is a Win Win article for both you and your other half which states why this product is the 2014 Must-Have Item for Men.

In launching their company not long ago, the Arquilla Brothers, Justin and Christian set out to answer the call of sock-less men everywhere. Through their own experiences, and prototype trials; they now proudly present to the apparel world, Gekks. A light weight, breathable low liner sock made with an odor and bacteria controlling fabric, laced in antimicrobial silver yarns created with X-Static, a technology so advanced it is used by NASA and Olympic Athletes. An adhesive strip on top of the liner allows for a no-slip feature, staying inside each shoe perfectly while leaving no residual film. With production centralized locally, the company and it's owners are pleased to sport the words Made in USA on their product.

So, how can you get your hands on this machine washable, hot ticket item? Gekks' Kickstarter is set to launch next Tuesday, March 11th (for pre-sales) and purchases will be shipped by July. For now the colors will be available in the classics: Navy, Black and Brown. As you start your Gekks collection within your wardrobe, co-founder and owner Justin Arquilla states, "... customers will only need to order a couple per season or year, depending on how often they are worn." Each pair will retail for between $23 to $28. With future goals of personalized customization in various prints and patterns as well as projections for a women's line; it shows every sign that Gekks will broaden their market share and create a bigger space for such a genius nitch.

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