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The 2014 Kino German Film Festival screens at NYC’s Quad cinema

Film Festival


The 2014 Kino festival of German Films kicked off its 38th edition on June 12th at the Museum of the Moving Image in the trendy Astoria, Queens. Kino’s festival

All images were documented during the 2014 Kino Festival of German Films. Banklady & The Woman Who Dares composer, Steffen Kahles.
All images were documented during the 2014 Kino Festival of German Films. Banklady & The Woman Who Dares composer, Steffen Kahles.
prominent photographer Nan Goldin at the Nan Godin: I Remember Your Face Q/A 6/14/14

debuted at the Queens museum with the critically acclaimed magnetic film West, directed by the promising festival sophomore, Christian Schwochow. West is the

story of Nelly Senff, a promiscuous free spirit woman desperately trying to escape from an old life of tragic memories of her deceased boyfriend and son’s father, Wassilij.

He was killed in a car accident 3 years earlier. However, once she arrives at the West Berlin border a whole set of new troubles begin. West is adapted from the novel Campfire written by Julia Franck.

For 37 years Kino has always delivered a smorgasbord of evocative German cinema, and year number 38 continues their tradition. For example, emerging

director Sabine Lidl unveiled her intimate and honest portrait of prominent American photographer Nan Goldin. Lidl’s documentary Nan Goldin: I Remember Your Face has Oscar written all over it.

Lidl's film embodies a truth from Ms. Goldin’s most intimate self. she describes Goldin as unpredictable, childlike and shy. Therefore, the more Goldin trusted her, the more vulnerable she became.

Lidl says, “Nan is always pure when she is describing her life.” plus, she had creative control over the final cut of the film. During the documentary’s Q/A,

MS Goldin stated there were some parts of the film she did not approve because it was too personal. Nan Goldin: I remember Your Face is a moving and insightful piece of cinema not to be missed.

Nan Goldin: I Remember Your Face will be playing at 1:00pm and 6:30pm at the Quad Cinema through June 19th.

This year’s festival is also playing the energized Banklady, directed by the celebrated Christian Alvart. Banklady is a 1960’s period film about the true story of Gisela Werler, a textiles factory worker from Hamburg, Germany dreaming of a better life in Capri, Italy.

The film quickly takes you on a roller coaster ride of the twists and turns of Werler’s life after she falls in love and takes up with a thief. She becomes an instant celebrity as Germany’s first and most notorious female bank robber all in the name of love.

Gisela and her beloved Hermann are the real life Bonnie and Clyde duo pulling off daring heist after daring heist. This cunning and exciting film is yet another

brilliant creation from “Germany’s new face of cinema” Christian Alvart. Banklady will be showing Monday night at 9:30pm at the Quad Cinema.

The movies’ score was created by the passionate composer, Steffen Kahles. Kahles stated during the Banklady Q/A, after replacing the original composer of the

soundtrack, “we only had 5 weeks to compose 18 minutes of music, that was quite a challenge. ”- He also scored The Woman Who Dares soundtrack. Kahles

acknowledged to feeding off of the emotion of Alvart’s film while scoring the soundtrack. Banklady will be showing at the Quad Cinema at 9:30pm Monday, June 16th.

A Pact is directed by Denis Dercourt, it is a coming of age story about Paul who is secretly in love with his best friend Georg’s girlfriend, Anna. He is so desperate to

have Anna that he deceivingly forges Anna’s handwriting in a note to Georg telling him she wants to be with Paul. Georg reluctantly accepts it but makes a pact with

Paul that when he comes back for Anna, he must return her to him without trouble. Years later Georg returns to collect on the pact. A Pact is playing at the Quad Cinema at 6:30pm on Tuesday, June 17th.

This year’s horror experience comes from director Grzegorz Muskala’s psychological thriller Whispers Behind the Wall.

Muskala’s sexually charged Neo Nior film is eerily unforgettable. It continuously draws you into the cunning darkness of the film with

characters that are sure to envelope you with each encompassing frame after frame. There are exceptional performances by Vincent Redetzki (Martin) and the sultry

Katharina Heyer (Simone). Muskala’s rich direction and intelligent cinematography reminds you of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window.

Hanna’s Journey directed by the brilliant Julia von Heinz is a introspective romantic comedy about a young woman from Berlin, Germany who reluctantly goes to Israel to further her career in business. She is assigned to a hospital for the mentally disturbed and a home for elderly holocaust survivors.

Her trainer and coworker Itay, the Israeli social worker is dealing with a clinging family who looks to him to fill the shoes and space of his deceased brother.

While Hannah is working with the disabled and holocaust survivors in Israel she is socially awakened by cultural consciousness.

The controversial Art War, directed by documentary film maker Marco Wilms, tells the explosive story of young Egyptians who through art and revolution express their

views through provocative creativity inspired by the Arab Spring. The artist (Ganzeer) featured in this controversial film uses graffiti murals, rebellious music and films to inspire the

youth culture around the world and throughout the streets of conquered Egypt. Wilms' film follows the innovative artists through 2 years of post-revolutionary

disorder from the 2011 Arab Spring until the final 2013 Parliament election. It depicts how the explosion of creativity after Mubarak’s fall, shows how these artists

learn to use art as a weapon to fight for their unfinished revolution the same way other Egyptians expressed themselves in the past. Art War will be showing at the Quad Cinema on Monday, June 16th at 1:00pm.

This year’s Kino festival showcased a total of 13 features, documentaries and shorts (Next Generation Short Tiger 2014). Each extraordinary film presented in Kino’s line-up this year guarantees a memorable cinematic experience.

The 2014 Kino Festival of German Films will be playing at Manhattan’s Quad Cinema at 34 west 13th street through June 19th.

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