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The 2014 Infiniti Q70 S changes but remains the same

The Infiniti Q70 S sport sedan shown in black.
The Infiniti Q70 S sport sedan shown in black.Infiniti EU

2014 Infiniti Q70 S


To keep the brand crisp, and to position Infiniti's nomenclature as supposedly more simple, the brand has now changed the M sedan to the Q70. No one really knows exactly why Infiniti has gone to the naming structure of Q cars, but it must be useful, as the brand has seen a surge of 30% increase in sales since. The Q70 is pretty much a carryover from the previous M car we know and love, and takes over the M37 and M56 trims. So this week, and to my excitement, Infiniti dropped off the top of the line Q70 S 5.6 V8 high performance variant.

Name changing aside, this Infiniti is one striking sport sedan. At first glance, contemporary lines commence at the front, run over and down the hood, and gradually flow to the rear where they graduate into the rear decklid. Styling is noted as aggressive with an underlined elegance that isn't too resounding, yet retains an understated profile. The sculptured lines of the exterior fit in well with the chic South Florida lifestyle with plenty of style tone.

Infiniti has no doubt been known for technology, and the Q70 S doesn't disappoint. Packed full with an intuitive layout for knobs and controls, operating the Q70 is just as simple as driving one. A long list of standard features such as heated/cooled front seats, rear camera, Intelligent entry/start are the norm on even the most of entry models, which are found as an option on the Q70's closest competitors. Premium materials and craftsmanship underline the sophistication of this sport sedan, and even draw up a benchmark against some of the competition.

Performance is sure to be a key attribute for the Q70, especially in the test car. The 5.6-liter V8 engine pushes out an impressive 420 horsepower and promises to satisfy even the commanding power fiend. Acceleration is strong, and shifts are smooth, especially when utilizing the column affixed paddle shifters. Overall, the Q70 is a spectacular driving machine, returning a perfect balance between comfort and contentious handling.

Driving enthusiasts will surely enjoy the high level of performance the Q70 S has to offer. The optimized balance of style, comfort, technology, and performance are enough to keep this Q on the top of most buyers shopping list when in the market for an executive sedan. Although not many tweaks have been done to the formula of this former M sedan, it may be easier now to understand the question, "why mess with a good thing?" For more information on the Q70 S, please visit