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The 2014 Brooklyn Film Festival

brooklyn film festival


The Brooklyn film festival kicked off its 17th season of highly anticipated cinema magic with a sneak peek at two of its selected films on Friday night, May 30th, I

Photos taken during Festival screenings.Intimate Semaphors - Director: T.J. Misny
Photos taken during Festival screenings.Intimate Semaphors - Director: T.J. Misny

Believe In Unicorns and the quirky Intimate Semaphors, followed by an opening night party at 10pm. . This year’s festival includes 107 films from 34 different

countries to be reckoned with. The BFF cinema fiesta is being screened at the WindMill Studios and IndieScreen theatres in trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In

addition, a special night of Experiential and Documentary short films will be shown Friday night, June 6th, at the Wythe Hotel also located in Williamsburg, beginning at 7pm.

The Brooklyn Film Festival officially began on Saturday, May 31, and will continue through to Sunday, June 8th. The festival will be followed up by their annual awards

ceremony on Sunday night, beginning at 10 pm. This year’s film lineup includes experiential films such as, Amygdala by United States director Jeannette Louie, a

scientific tale detailing the region of the human brain that composes our emotional life. The Experiential roster also includes, Ghost of a Smile, by Denmark directors

Peder Thomas Pedersen & Simon Bonde, is a nightmarish video of a young boy losing his innocence, when he witnesses his father’s brutal defeat in a deadly fight.

Riverberro by Italian directors Federico Biasin & Giorgio Ferrero is a film of overflowing mysticism that is based on the interaction between the aesthetic elevation

of a musical performance that can only be played within the chamber, and the sheer mathematical aloofness of its 'priest'. Punk Love is a cathartic crescendo encounter

of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen's souls' through director Marcos Mello’s technique of Motion Light Painting.

Y2O Distilled is a mesmerizing aquatic ballet of emotions and exaltation. Director Dominique T Skoltz paints a picture of a kaleidoscope of love and emotions

enduring daily abrasions beneath the worlds suffocating waters. The film also displays a constant emergence of love from two worlds colliding, that the director says could either lead us to lose our self or lead us to find our self.

In addition to these memorable experiential shorts there are numerous others to choose from.

Check out the Brooklyn Film Festival website for more details on these and other great films from this year’s lineup.

This year’s festival also includes it share of thought provoking narrative and feature films. Like the memorable award winning Menthol, directed by Micah Van Hove

and produced by the director of mega hits Boys in the Hood, Misery and A Few Good Men, Steve Nicolaides.

Hove’s Menthol is an unforgettable fluid narrative that tells the story of four young men reuniting and then disconnecting within a realm of guilt and lies. The film starts

out with a brilliant and explosive acid scene that involves the main character John tripping on acid after a precarious occurrence.

The four young comrades endure a night of colliding unsuspected realities that creates riveting cinema. Menthol is a provocative depiction of four young men who

are made whole or broken by the unwarranted but lasting human experience they encounter together during one fleeting night.

Intimate Semaphors directed by T.J. Misny is a film containing three short stories about a surreal exploration of the creative self. Misny has directed a dark comedic

expression of how our artistic impulses have the power to bond us or distance us. The three episodes are “Helberger In Paradise" staring Kate Lyn Sheil as a New

Yorker who returns to her hometown to follow through on an anarchistic promise she made to her deceased lesbian lover.

However, she encounters an altruistic taxi driver who tries to teach her a profound lesson about life. "High And Dry" stars Ariane Labed as a self-centered street

photographer who suspects that her declining eyesight might have psychological implications.

For example, when her boyfriend reluctantly tells her that he has been seeing a psychiatrist, she laughs at him instead of comforting him, and each photograph she

takes thereafter becomes blurred to her. "The Crumb of It" stars Jocelin Donahue as a struggling comedian dating a rising star pastry chef played by Chioke Nassor,

who expresses to one another their dislikes and phobias towards each other’s creative endeavors. She is repulsed by pastry and he doesn’t find her comedy very humorous. They hopelessly try to overcome their indifferences during their relationship.

In addition to these riveting films there are a bevy of other features, documentaries and experiential films to choose from that will definitely leave a lasting impression.

The 2014 Brooklyn Film Festival promises an unforgettable cinematic experience and inspiration for their audience and future aspiring film makers.

Check out the Brooklyn Film Festival website for more information regard the film line-up and selected venues showing the films.

Participating venues:


where: 289 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Windmill Studios

where: 287 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Wythe Hotel

where: 80 Wythe Avenue at N 11th St Brooklyn, NY

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