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The 1977 Kung Fu classic ‘Legend of the Bat’ comes to DVD

Legend of the Bat


From the late 50s until 2011 The Shaw Brothers were the go to studio for martial arts films. Their films have continued to garner cult status and remain popular to this day. WellGo USA who has been making a name for themselves releasing some of the best martial arts films out there is now bringing some of these classics to DVD with their Sword Masters Collection. The latest to get this release is 1977s Legend of the Bat that has been digitally re-mastered for this collection.

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WellGo USA

Legend of the Bat follows Chu Liu Hsiang who arrives on Bat Island, where he knew there were no limits to the wonders he would find there. But theres a dark underbelly to this island paradise, and it's presided over by the nefarious Mr. Bat, but neither he nor his fellow travelers realize just what kind of horrors Bat Island has in store for them, and by the time they find out it may already be too late to turn back. With any film of this time period you know basically what you are going to get. The story is a bit all over the place, but still cohesive enough for you to be able to figure out what is happening. The real reason that fans check out these movies is for the action and this film has plenty of it. While not all of it is all that great, it is still fun to watch all the sword wielding wire work action blended together in that classic old school way. The re-mastered look of the film looks great making it way more clear than anything you may have seen when it might have re-aired during shows like Kung Fu Theater.

While these old Kung-Fu films are a bit silly and have sometimes become the source of jokes they no doubt paved the way to the some of the best martial arts films of all time. These films are a piece of history that need to be preserved and seen so big props to WellGo for keeping them alive and let’s hope there will be more to come.

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