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"That's Why We Don't Eat Animals" a book for vegan and vegetarian kids

vegan, vegetarian children
vegan, vegetarian children
By: Ruby Roth

Children's Book


Living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is not a hard thing for children to accept. A simple explanation of why a family may choose to not eat meat is a fairly easy concept for children to understand. It could be for health reasons or because of animal cruelty stance, but no matter the reason the hardest thing for most children to deal with on a day-to-day basis is their friends.

We live in a society consumed by the need for “protein” that is somehow thought to only come from meat. This fast food industry driven concept is so far from the truth and easy to debate among adults, but for children the main topic is animals and death. “You eat dead animals! Gross!!” is not really what anyone wants their kindergartener going to school and saying.

There is help for us veggie parents however. “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals” by Ruby Roth is a book wrote for children with simple, but substantial ideas. It tells about the animal farming industry without scaring the pants off a small child. It also delves into the environmental impact of animal farming.

I was personally impressed with the message and illustrations. After watching documentaries like “Food Matters”, “Food Inc.”, and “Forks over Knives”, I’ve never found one that I felt my children could watch and learn from. They have a deep desire to understand why we are and others aren’t vegetarians. This book was a great way of explaining the lifestyle choice and even sharing the message with children their own ages to help them grasp the idea of being vegan/vegetarian. If this sweetly done book even helps my children bridge the gap with one friend, it was well worth the purchase.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a way to explain a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle or to help a child to transition to this lifestyle with ease. We will be sharing it with many others.

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"That's Why We Don't Eat Animals" by Ruby Roth can be purchased on sites such as and through brick and morter stores such as Barnes and Nobles on Evansville's east side.

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