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‘That Awkward Moment’ limps and lags from start to finish

That Awkward Moment (movie)


Three friends, led by Jason, Zac Efron, Daniel, Miles Teller and Mikey, Michael B. Jordan decide to build a roster, by dating as many women as possible and never committing to anyone. Jason has a theory that once a girl utters the word “So” it will then lead to “Where is this relationship going?” which will then mean you are in a relationship. Mikey, a doctor finds out his wife has been cheating on him (the man she is having an affair with is her divorce attorney) and is devastated. Daniel is into dating as many women as possible however his other best friend is Chelsea, Mackenzie Davis. All three of them decide to hang out in Jason’s apartment (which is a kind of man cave, with various lewd lithographs on the wall etc.) Throughout the movie their running gag is that Daniel is always taking a crap there, while they debate endlessly the size and color of Mikey’s penis… Is this funny? No. In addition to this, all three friends go to the same bar and hang out to meet women. At this club Jason meets Ellie, Imogen Poots, who of course unbeknownst to him, he will meet the next day.
To say the plotting and gag lines here are trite would be an understatement. What is worse is that there are no characters that are likeable in any way. This is beyond cliché. It is boring. At the end all three find out that they want to be in relationships, they are willing to commit, and that being in one, bonding with another person, does not mean suddenly your world ends. Yet, this movie, and the way in which it is written leaves us no room to get to know any of the characters and in truth, the one terrible moment of truth in which Ellie finds out just who Jason is, makes one wonder why in the end they could possibly end up together. The answer is because this is a movie and not real life. While films are not based on reality, in order to find correlations with your audience, they should at the very least respect the viewing public enough not to insult their intelligence. This movie tries too hard to cool, hip and funny, but in the end, it is an utter waste of time.

Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller in "That Awkward Moment