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That Awkward Moment: Is this how women think men talk?

That Awkward Moment
That Awkward MomentImage from Focus Features

That Awkward Moment


Written by Markus Robinson, Edited by Nicole I. Ashland

Markus Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars

Rated R for sexual content and language throughout

Now playing at Century 20 Oakridge Mall in San Jose, California:

That awkward moment when you’re seeing the final credits roll after watching a comedy and realize that you haven’t laughed once. After a short college related hiatus from movie reviewing, “That Awkward Moment” is my reintroduction to the garbage that February’s Hollywood blockbusters have to offer.

I’m not being facetious when I say: Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller are the future of American cinema, if only because they have all proven to have substantial acting abilities. That being said, this is not one of their finer moments. While they each show that they are capable of maintaining a believable bromance-style chemistry on-screen, it is the painfully generic script and the played out concept/nature of “That Awkward Moment” which fails them.

Many who see this movie may be shocked to realize that the runtime is only 94 minutes long, since it feels like an eternity to sit through. The reason for this being, that writer/director Tom Gormican unnecessarily forces three separate, but still very cookie cutter, stories down our throat, which in turn muddies the central “Zac Efron is a good looking guy who is emotionally unavailable, until one special girl changes how he sees love” storyline. The other two equally Freddie Prinze Jr.-esque plotlines see Teller as a fast talking, wise cracking twenty-something (big surprise there) who falls in love with his female best friend and Jordan having an affair with his ex wife (insert eye roll). At the end of the day, “That Awkward Moment” seems like an idea from the mind of someone who had just finished watching a marathon of every romantic comedy from 1980 to, oh, let’s say, 2006 (circa “Jerry Maguire”) and thought it would be a fun idea to write a script regurgitating everything he’d just a 90 minute format, of course. But sadly, this aspect isn’t the worst of it.

Final Thought: For years woman have complained about having to sit through romantic comedies depicting female characters as little more than shrill, vapid, complacent shopaholics; having no substance or brain to speak of, #KatherineHeigl. After watching “That Awkward Moment”, now it’s my turn to complain. I realize that this was written and directed by a man (whose only other film credit includes: a producer on “Movie 43”) but the content is obviously geared towards a female audience. So, I gotta ask: Is this really how women think men talk?! The entire movie consists of endless sequences of curiously hen-ish (hen-like) banter between the main male characters, as they fast-talk through jokes concerning “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, wax poetic about the joys of eating ice cream after a bad breakup, partake in extremely long and extremely mindless discussions regarding relationship pitfalls, while every once in a while throwing in a “penis joke” as a way to keep it all “manly”. I ask again: Could this really be how women think guys talk?!

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