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'That Awkward Moment' has a few too many awkward moments

That Awkward Moment


Even under the best of circumstances, relationships are never an easy thing and we've all hit that moment wondering if it's time to push forward or to cut our losses and move on. "That Awkward Moment" is a comedy that lives up to its moniker as parts offer up some genuinely funny situational comedy while others revel and even celebrate the actions of a character that is the equivalent of an emotional sociopath.

Three best and a half that are actually likabe

Three best friends (Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan) living in New York find themselves where we've all been - at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide "So...where is this going?"

Right on the line of oddly charming and kind of disgusting "The Awkward Moment" does create some genuinely funny moments with some reasonably well drawn out characters but forces us to take some pretty awkward and very unbelievable leaps with some of the others as it both draws upon and completely wastes some of the talents involved.

Writer/Director Tom Gormican who served as a co-producer on "Movie 43" (You can take that for what you like) crafts a standard tale of young men in their twenties out and about on the town on the dating scene. The tone shifts a fair bit from goofy and fun, to actually a bit creepy as we follow these friends on their romantic entanglements and adventures. It's reasonably well structured and the stories of these three friends get a fairly even amount of weight, the main problem truly was that they were all supposed to be likable and somewhat charming when in reality between the three of them only about one and a half of these characters barely get a passing grade.

A good time trio to be sure but Zac Efron's emotionally barren and fairly socially stupid character isn't likable at all and to be quite frankly is a bit of a vapid douchebag and we never really buy his road to redemption as too many good things keep happening to this guy who in reality isn't all that great. Miles Teller coming off of his stellar performance in "The Spectacular Now" manages to keep a lot of that vibe going, as he's hardly the best person in the world but his heart is in the right place which allows us to get behind him. Only Michael B Jordan as the young doctor working through a divorce gets to generate any genuine empathy for his character, his is sadly the most underwritten character as well. The women opposite these men are sadly given less to work with then the men as the usually quite good Imogen Poots is wasted in a fairly vapid portrayal of a young single professional in New York and deserved much better especially when this off center romantic comedy immediately shifted towards the predictable and banal ending. Addison Timlin and Jessica Lucas are sadly pretty forgettable while only Mackenzie Davis as Chelsea got any kind of definition to her character rather than girlfriend or spouse in the script.

I'll admit that there were moments in "That Awkward Moment" that made me laugh out loud, but it was far too uneven with some female depictions that were bordering on insulting to give this a legitimate passing grade.

2 out of 5 stars.

Picture and sound quality on the Blu-Ray were just fine, and the special features on this combo pack release include a Behind the Scenes look at the film, an extended gag reel, more Awkward Moments with the three stars and character profiles of the main stars of the film.

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