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Texas Best BBQ in Los Angeles is a serious smokehouse winner

The Texas Best BBQ owner Howie serves up real home comfort food cooking prepared by Master Chef Robert Valenzuela and new cook Kira Carino. This mom and pop joint is a stand out!
The Texas Best BBQ owner Howie serves up real home comfort food cooking prepared by Master Chef Robert Valenzuela and new cook Kira Carino. This mom and pop joint is a stand out!
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Texas Best BBQ


Who is ready to stand in line for some incredibly good BBQ in Studio City, California? Well, in Los Angeles there are quite a few vegetarians and vegans who are not at all interested in this type of fare. But, ask any real Americana BBQ connoisseur and they will tell you that beef, pork, chicken, fish, or whatever, all tastes better roasted and smoked on a wood-fired bar-b-que pit. After searching and waiting for many years, an authentic BBQ star is born in Los Angeles -- enter Texas Best BBQ. This Examiner had an amazing meal at Texas Best BBQ on Saturday, June 21 - to honor the first day of Summer. By the way, if you do not wish to stand in line, they will also come to you and cater your next big event.

A real BBQ star is born in Los Angeles' Valley Village
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Located just West of Laurel Canyon at 12123 Riverside Drive, Texas Best BBQ opened earlier this year very quietly. The restaurant and its delicious slow-cooked smoked meats have been building a fan club/customer base that includes everyone from U.S. postal workers to families to well-known celebrities, simply by word-of-mouth. The owner Howie and his staff have been perfecting their establishment before really going "whole hog." They do not even have a website yet! But, in my estimation, things are changing quickly for this down-home "mom and pop" restaurant that is simply the best BBQ in town.

After several visits to this restaurant, later in the evening, one learns things the hard way. You have to get there earlier to be able to order your favorites--before they are all sold out. Everything is prepared fresh at Texas Best BBQ each day. The fresh prime meats are all smoked and grilled over flavorful mesquite and apple woods by Chef Robert Valenzuela, who puts his amazing talent and heart into every choice cut and delectable dish he serves.

The Texas Best BBQ tri-tip is the most tender on the West Coast, expertly cooked with a magnificent char and flavor. The brisket and pulled pork are so juicy and tender each bite does literally melt in your mouth. Take note of Chef Valenzuela's Po' Boy concoction. Served as a side or on a sandwich, the experience will be love at first bite. Ask friendly staff member Kira Carino for a free tasty sample and she will be more than happy to oblige.

To make a case for their ribs being the best in Los Angeles will not be hard to do. Their slow smoked ribs are hands-down the best in the area. These coveted baby back ribs are seriously the meatiest and most delicious ever seen in these parts or anywhere, for that matter. When eaten with their remarkable secret BBQ sauce recipe, which is served warm, the zesty smokey taste offers a up a real foodie orgasm. The flavors are brilliant!

Don't eat the Mac & Cheese unless you are okay with falling in love with this place. Chef Valenzuela makes his cheesy sauce from scratch throughout the day, with unexpected genius seasonings that will keep you coming back for more and larger portions of the stuff. Their Mac & Cheese is that good. All of the side dishes, including real corn bread, are made fresh on-site with yummy recipes that your mother would go nuts to have. Hint: The beans taste even better with the warm Texas Best BBQ sauce all over them.

The only thing lacking is a classic southern banana custard pudding dessert. Perhaps we can all convince Howie to go for it! In the meantime, they do serve up peach cobbler at times and have an assortment of fresh cookies on hand to cure that sweet tooth and fresh sweet lemonade, while available.

It seems that everyone at Texas Best BBQ are proud to be serving up fresh home-cooked comfort food goodness. The charming restaurant is on the small side with about 8 tables indoors and a large community picnic table out on the front patio. Texas Best BBQ is truly an amazing find that warrants a visit from Guy Fieri and the Food Network.

Click here to download the current menu, which contains some great coupons for your use! Texas Best BBQ is located at 12123 Riverside Drive, Valley Village, CA 91607. Telephone: (818) 761-8451.