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Tesla returns with a killer album Simplicity

Simplicity by Tesla


Rockers extraordinaire Tesla are back with new energy, all the hooks, melodies, and ripping guitar solos that made them fan and radio favorites, and a tour. The new album “Simplicity” is available everywhere on June 10th and features 14 brand new songs. Here is the track list:


Simplicity by Tesla track list:



Rise and Fall

So Divine...

Cross My Heart


Flip Side

Other Than Me

Break of Dawn

Burnout To Fade

Life is a River


Time Bomb

'Till That Day


sim·plic·i·ty noun \sim-ˈpli-sə-tē, -ˈplis-tē\

: the new album by TESLA

: the quality of being easy to understand or use

: the state or quality of being plain or not fancy or complicated

: something that is simple or ordinary but enjoyable

Tesla went and isolated themselves for weeks at co-producer/A&R man Tom Zutaut’s 150-acre ranch deep in the woods of Virginia where they culled their hearts and minds for the songs that make up ‘Simplicity’. It is everything that resides in their imaginations and takes inventory of the band’s current state. Deep and emotional, powerful yet melodic, it is Tesla.

They take on the ups and downs of life as they always have and created another genius pure rock album. What was noticed was the bands masterful use of tempo and timing changes as has always been a staple of Tesla. Opening track “MP3” jumps right out and reminds you of all that made Tesla one of the biggest names in rock. You hear the sound of a needle drop on vinyl, those rich distorted guitars jump right in, and you know that the band hasn’t missed a beat or lost their hunger to make awesome rock music.

Most of you have heard the first track “So Divine…” already (see attached video) so the music has already started to do the talking. Rest assured that the band has all of the sweet melodic guitar picking with wicked, ripping leads all over this album.

For a guy that wore out a few Tesla CDs over the years, “Simplicity” holds up with all of them. Deep slower power greets you on “Rise and Fall” (track3) while “Ricochet” (track 2) has some nice aggressive styling to it as only Tesla can do. The band has some stand out old-school straight-up Rock & Roll with songs like “Cross My Heart” and sprinkle in so many sounds and tempo changes that you will rock out, stomp your feet, and snap your fingers as Tesla yet again blows you away. Not only is “Simplicity” new music by Tesla, it may be some of the best stuff they have recorded.

Tesla is:

  • Jeff Keith – vocals
  • Brian Wheat – bass
  • Troy Luccketta – drums
  • Frank Hannon – lead guitar
  • Dave Rude – guitar

Tesla Online:



Tour Dates:

· 06/05/2014 -Sölvesborg, SE

· 06/06/2014 -Copenhagen, DK

· 06/08/2014 -Gelsenkirchen, DE

· 06/09/2014 -Aschaffenburg, DE

· 06/10/2014 -Pratteln, CH

· 06/12/2014 -London, UK

· 06/13/2014 -Donington, UK

· 06/18/2014 -New York City, NY

· 06/28/2014 -Sacramento, CA

· 06/29/2014 -Pleasanton, Ca

· 07/03/2014 -Wichita, KS

· 07/04/2014 -Hot Springs, AR

· 07/10/2014 -Gettysburg, PA

· 07/11/2014 -Toledo, OH

· 07/12/2014 -Osceola, IA

· 07/15/2014 -Dallas,TX

· 07/17/2014 -Biloxi, MS

· 07/18/2014 -Houston, TX

· 07/19/2014 -Oklahoma City, OK

· 07/24/2014 -Eugene, Or

· 07/26/2014 -Great Falls, MT

· 07/27/2014 -Deadwood, SD

· 07/31/2014 -Lemoore, CA

· 08/01/2014 -Anaheim, CA

· 08/02/2014 -Agoura Hills, CA

· 08/12/2014 -Hampton Beach, NH

· 08/14/2014 -Pittsburgh, PA

· 08/15/2014 -Columbus, OH

· 08/16/2014 -Peoria, IL

· 08/19/2014 -Cleveland, OH

· 08/20/2014 -Cincinnati, OH

· 08/22/2014 -SterlingHeights,MI

· 08/23/2014 -Chicago, IL

· 08/26/2014 -Palmer, AK

· 08/29/2014 -WestValley City, UT

· 09/12/2014 -Fort Wayne

· 09/18/2014 -El Cajon, CA

· 09/19/2014 -El Cajon, CA

· 09/20/2014 -Las Vegas, NV

· 04/18/2015 - 04/22/2015 -Monsters of Rock Cruise Miami

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