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Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony blends worship and churchy on single 'Step Aside'

Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony, Step Aside


One of Columbus, Ohio's finest indie artists, Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony worships, admonishes and have good ol' church on new single "Step Aside" released July 22, 2014. Following up their debut album "Freedom", released December 2010, with new single "Step Aside" combining music elements akin to James Fortune & FIYA and his mentor Ricky Dillard & New G giving faithful and new listeners a taste of their forthcoming album. Terrence J. Dooley express his anticipation and excitement of new project in a recent interview.

Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony single 'Step Aside' [photo courtesy of Terrence J. Dooley; used with permission]
Terrence J Dooley, Testimony, Step Aside

Terrence J. Dooley reflects on life since his debut album. The maturity obtained during this time is found within the lyrics and musicality on his new project. As David encouraged himself in the Lord, so has Terrence. The life of an indie artist is one of hard work. Funding the ministry and traveling to various venues are mostly done out-of-pocket. Terrence credits the city of Columbus for their continued support.

"Sometimes I believe that God allows us to go through what we go through so that our gifts can be tapped into. That we maybe able to bless and encourage others. So, some of the things I've had to go through since the last recording were so that I was able to get some of these songs. So that many other people can be touched and encouraged. I think going through and being able to come out victorious is something that made me write an encouraging record," states Terrence.

The title of the upcoming album "Turning Point", embodies the process of endurance. Pressing towards the finish and release of his new album, the underlying theme is encouragement. Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony are on a mission to make an impact on the Gospel music industry with their churchy praise and worship music. Download their new single "Step Aside" on iTunes today. Stay abreast of the latest news on Terrence J. Dooley & Testimony by following their social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.