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Tempest at CCSF


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The Tempest is the only play by Shakespeare set in the Americas: it takes place in Bermuda.
San Francisco City College Theatre Department’s production features a big cast in lovely swirl of costumes against a multi-layered exotic set.

Heather Cherry commands the stage as Prospera, the sagacious ex-Duchess of Milan, who is devoted to the study of magic (considered a science in Shakespeare’s time) and his innocent and beautiful daughter, Miranda, played by Lana Rae Jarvis. With elves and fairies and spirits and a monster or two, they live on the island isolated from the evil vulgarities of the world.

And of course who should shipwreck on the island but Prospero’s evil brother and a boatload of sailors bent on drunken debauchery, usurpation and other vulgar pastimes.

John Wilk directs, Amber Laurent manages, Jeff Kelly lights, Thalia Berardozzi and Shena Van Spronen choreograph, and Tamara Cooper costumes.

Supporting cast includes Catz Forsman, Chris Hanville, Daniel Bass, Ro Ambrosio Birco, Karl Schnackne, Don Corbin, Jack Halton, Genevieve Smith, Paul Wong, Lukas Hoag, Robert Ayala, Michael Vetter, Bruce Bothwell, CA Dear, E. Carmen Torres, Desiree Jordan, Yoon Soe, Mariel Garcia, George Cirilo, and Kasia Krasnapolska.

Tempest plays at the Diego Rivera Theatre, SF City College, 50 Phelan Ave (near Judson) , San Francisco, CA 94112.

Original art by Diego Garcia in the theatre lobby!

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