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Telepathy in high school - Is dating and relationships easier?

Is dating easier for teens with telepathy
Delacorte Press

Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mylnowksi


"Don't Even Think About It" is a light breezy read about a bunch of high school students who suddenly find themselves with telepathy. Sarah Mlynowski knows about teen issues. Her characters, both the girls and boys - almost evenly divided, have to cope with suddenly finding out everyone's innermost thoughts. While there are ways to block the thoughts from intruding, the teens find out secrets about their parents, the nurse and everyone they come in contact with that they do not really want to know. But they also cannot escape their fellow Espies prying minds.

Everyone in their group suddenly has no privacy. They hear every little comment about their weight, their friends, their dates, their hopes, their desires, the boys they are dating or want to date, the girls they are dating, what people think about their weight, their breasts, their muscles, how good a kisser they are, how their clothes fit and every bad secret in their lives. Plus they learn all the dirty secrets their parents are trying to hide. Mlynowski focuses mainly on the various romantic relationships between the girls and boys -- from the beautiful Mackensie, who cheated on her boyfriend Cooper with another boy, to Tess, who likes Teddy, who, however, likes Sadie, who is dating another boy. Then there is BJ, who claims that he wants to help her Tess win over Teddy, but maybe is really enamored with Tess. Telepathy adds another layer to the typical high schooler's issues.

Other kids, however are using their new found powers to scheme. Pi, a leader of the Espies, and the second smartest kid in school, listens in on another student while taking a test but does not like it when other students cheat on her. Other students, use their talents to win games, play better baseball or to to finesse a relationship with a boy or girl because they know all of their date's likes. Mlynowski barely touches on the morality of the teens using their talents in this way. We barely hear any mention of why listening in is wrong or using your powers to hit better in baseball is wrong. Both Cooper and another character learn enough about people to make some hard decisions about their relationships.

This is a book for teens who want to read about other teens who gain the power of listening in on their friends, but learn it's no panacea to solve their relationship issues. It is just another issue to confront and overcome.

The big issue for the Espies is are they willing to give up their powers when a solution is offered.

Read the book to find out what they do.

This book has a fair bit of romantic talk, kissing descriptions and minor sexual discussions. Its aimed more for teens than tweens.

I received this book from Net Galley in return for an honest review. It arrived in bookstores on March 11, 2014.

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