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Teenage High School Excitement

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High School


It's that time of the year where teenagers everywhere are getting that back to school anxiety. Rather it is your first day of High school, second, third, or fourth year, you have shown some level of excitement. Many teenagers are awaiting dates for the homecoming, seeing old friends, meeting the new teacher, meeting new friends, and joining new sports or other group activities. The word is out, who has been asked to the first major dance of the school year. How important is getting asked out?, What's your expectations of the female or the male who will be asking you out? What will your parents think about a date? What will you wear?. These are all the questions that creates the anxiety in teenagers. Over the years teenage girls tend to go to the Homecoming dance the first couple of years alone. However boys are always seeking a date, trying to find the best looking date.

It is important to know your schools discipline code before purchasing homecoming tickets. If you received disciplinary action that may prevent you from attending the dance it would be wise to let your date know before hand. While some think this is just an ordinary night, this night becomes special to those who are attending for the first or last time.

When it is time to coordinate outfits for the dance, couples should discuss what color they are wearing, and how comfortable each person want to be with what he or she is wearing. Make certain that if you are going casual, both persons are casual. Don't wear a simple dress and your partner is wearing a tuxedo. Don't were sneakers and jeans and your partner is wearing a nice sparkly dress with heels. Don't let the anxiety get the best of you, coordinate ahead of time.

Once the excitement settles from the dance, it's on to the next big thing. Getting to know one another. When meeting new friends understand that each person is unique in his or her own way. Understand that people you meet may already have friends, but are not afraid to meet new friends. Introduce your old friends to the new friends so that no one feels left out. Try to remember how you felt when you had no one to talk to on your first day at a new school.

High School excitement never tends to go away, year after year you will meet new people, and each year you will meet new teachers. Understanding your teachers expectations can make life easy for you. Make school as fun as possible, you must attend regularly and complete all assignments assigned to you. Kick the anxiety to the curb and enjoy your high school years. Meet new people and have some fun.