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Teen Sleuth

Teen sleuth back in a new adventure.
Anne Louder McGee

The Mystery at Marlatt Manor


Dear LA Teacher,

I'm in the fifth grade. Mrs. Tyler wants us to read a mystery for our February book report. Do you have any suggestions?

Needy Student

Dear Needy Student,

Teen sleuth Mallory Gilmartin is back in a new adventure. Last time we heard from her in The Mystery at Marlatt Manor, Malory was unraveling a devious plot regarding a deserted mansion. In her new Cedar Creek Mystery, someone stole librarian Edna May Florentine’s valuable Ming vase from her home. To make matters worse, a mysterious interloper is accusing the elderly librarian of stealing that same vase from his house 30 years ago; so the local heat takes Edna May away in handcuffs.

Anne Loader McGee brings us book two of the Cedar Creek Mystery series, The Mystery of the Missing Ming. With her signature crisp sentences and humorous dialogue, McGee keeps readers engaged in a fun-filled adventure that unfolds during the 1970s in Cedar Creek, Virginia.

The cast of characters include Aggie Hobbs, Mallory’s 60 something grandma, who expects her grand children to call her Aggie, OR ELSE! Sidekick, Kyle, reluctantly gets involved in Mallory and Aggie’s schemes that too often get him into trouble with his dad and or the law. Added to the mix is Mallory’s gift of communicating with the dearly departed. McGee swirls this around with her magical wand creating a thoroughly enchanting novel that readers won’t be able to put down.

Enjoy The Cedar Creek Mysteries.

LA Teacher

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