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Teen murders prove to be more evil than anticipated in 'Way of the Wicked'

Way of the Wicked


Christian Slater is one of those great actors that was a hot commodity in his early days, but has since been thrust into the straight to video market. This isn’t necessarily always a bad thing as that means they will have more films churning out, but on the flip side that usually gives it a 50/50 shot of being worth your time. His latest film Way of the Wicked takes on the horror genre and is bringing along the always fun Vinnie Jones, but does it deliver or will the wickedness of it all take over before it ever begins?

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Way of the Wicked follows a priest and police detective, who learn of a troubled teen has recently moved into their town after a series of strange murders sweep the community, but is this the work of a crazed man or something more? On the surface this film plays like a normal teen drama, but uses the horror undertones in hopes to create something more, but sadly it falls flat throughout most of the film. The story struggles to try and create some sort of tension and mystery, but it tries so hard and forces so much on you so quickly it is hard to really buy into it. The majority of the acting is average at best with Vinnie Jones doing a fine job, but with him playing a more subdued role felt out of place. He does a fine job with what he has and it was interesting seeing him do more than just the bad guy role, but needed some more substance. Despite Christian Slater sporting the cover of the box and top billing, he is really more of a cameo only appearing for a short while. They attempt to use him as a pivotal role to the film which he is, but not one that couldn’t have been done by anyone and in turn really wasting him in the film.

Most of the film is pretty straight forward despite trying to be more, but they do throw in some twists towards the end in an attempt to save it all which does help, but manages to be too little too late. There is a good idea here, but it just needs something more to take it to that level.