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Tech Review: Travelstacks car cup holder storage container

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Travelstacks car cup holder storage container By: Quirky


Time to organize all that junk you keep in the car that you can’t bare to get rid of. The Travelstacks by Quirky will help simplify the process. It merely fits into one of the car cup holders and can swivel 360 degrees (as long as nothing in your car gets in the way that is) where you can access your stuff. One major difference between the Travelstacks and other similar products is that on the top of the Travelstacks is a place for your cup or water bottle. Which is great because it’s always frustrating to have to choose between keeping your water bottle or your gadgets in your cup holder. With the Travelstacks this is no longer a problem.

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There are two independently rotating storage compartments. Each compartment is large enough to store 2-3 stacked iPhones. This added space is more than enough to keep your various gadgets, doodads, and thingamajigs. The two rotating storage compartments can also separate so as to be used independently. The top compartment has a sliding lid that keeps spills from getting in and gear from bouncing out. The lid can be completely removed if you prefer to have an open storage area instead.

One problem I found was that the Travelstacks didn’t fit into every cup holder I tested. It was too big for several cars I tried it in. However, it fit perfectly in a 2011 Ford Escape. An improvement that I think Quirky could make is to create a list of cars that it does and doesn’t work with. This would helpful for those customers whose vehicles cup holders are not compatible. The other option would be for Quirky to do a slight redesign of the Travelstacks thus making it more widely user friendly. Perhaps offering interchangeable cup holder inserts of various sizes, or redesign it to be a variable sized cup holder without having to remove anything. Quirky could also temporarily remedy this problem by including the internal and external dimensions of the cup holder insert section of the Travelstacks, so potential buyers have the option to check to see if it will fit in their vehicle. Until then it will be hit or miss for buyers.

External overall dimensions: L 5.9” x W 3.46” x H 5.25"

Cup holder diameter: 3.25"

Made in China

Price: $24.99

For more information please visit the following link: