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Tech Review: Q-i-sound Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

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Q-i-sound Stereo Bluetooth Speakers


Portable Bluetooth speakers these days typically come in one of three flavors. There are the mini single speaker models, the side-by-side dual speakers in a single housing, and, of course, the dual speaker models with separated speakers that are connected together with a wire. The problem is that none of these versions of speakers provide great stereo sound because they either have only one speaker, two speakers only a couple inches apart, or separated speakers that have to be connected with a silly wire that also only get about 12 inches apart max. Let’s face it: nobody wants to buy Bluetooth “wireless” speakers that have a bunch of “wires” dangling off of them. That seems fairly counter productive if you ask me.

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The Q-isound Stereo Bluetooth Speakers by Qmadix greatly simplifies the idea of Bluetooth stereo speakers by eliminating the wires between the two speakers. It’s true wireless technology. This allows the two speakers to be placed up to 15 feet apart. In addition, there is a range of 33 feet from the main speaker to your music device (smartphone, tablet, computer). These speakers also provide true left/right channel stereo sound unlike the more common simulated stereo that many other Bluetooth speakers’ employ. The one thing holding back these speakers from being completely wire free is the way they are charged, which is by plugging them in. Ideally, the speakers would include a wireless charging pad that they could sit on to charge. Then, all one would need to do is lift them up and set them down to charge, instead of plugging in and un-plugging. This, of course, would be quite a bit of over kill considering it’s not much of a hassle at all to use the charge cables.

The Q-isound additionally has a built-in full duplex microphone in the main control “left” speaker (the one with the most buttons). This microphone and the interface are fully compatible with Apple’s Siri voice interface on iOS devices. Bear in mind that only the speaker with the microphone will output audio during a phone call or other Siri use. I found this speaker to be quite effective for speakerphone calls. The main speaker contains the main interface buttons, which provide the following user input control capabilities: on, off, pairing, play, pause, stop, volume up/down, forward/rewind, voice call, answer call, end call, reject call, and switch call to or from speaker to phone.

The built-in lithium polymer battery in each speaker has a capacity of 950mAh and is capable of playing music for 8 hours continuously as well as 10 days in standby mode (on but not being used). To charge the Q-isound, it will take approximately 4.5 hours if the unit’s batteries are completely depleted. I found these usage estimates to be fairly accurate during testing of this product. My one big complaint with the charging system of the Q-isound, is that the included charge cable plug type that is utilized is not micro USB. This means that you are stuck with using the included charge cable, and if you happen to lose the cable (which isn’t outside the realm of possibility), then you are up that proverbial creek without your wooden instrument of propulsion.

The build quality is quite good, and I always appreciate it when a metal grill is used for protecting a speaker. Unfortunately, these speakers are not designed to be rugged or water resistant but are great for use on any table, desk or counter top inside any home, cabin, RV/camper trailer, or hotel room. However, I don’t recommend taking it out into the elements where it could get wet or roughed up.

Another cool feature of these speakers is their ability to connect face to face with each other by way of built-in magnets around the outer edge of the front of the speaker. This is also how they are stored in the included case. It’s a very handy zippered protective carrying case. However, the USB wall charger and cable that are included cannot fit in this case.

These are really nice speakers that provide what I consider to be high quality audio output for music as well as phone calls. If you are looking for an attractive set of “truly” wireless speakers that have “real” L/R channel stereo sound, then the Q-isound Bluetooth speakers are definitely worth taking a much closer look at.

Made in Korea

Price: $99.99

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