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Tech Review: OrigAudio Sphear Stereo Speakers

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OrigAudio Sphear Stereo Speakers


Portable speakers these days seem to be all about Bluetooth. Unfortunately, most of these Bluetooth speakers have a few drawbacks that can be quite frustrating. One of these is their inability to pair with more than one computer, tablet, or smartphone at a time. This makes quickly switching audio sources between devices quite arduous. First, you have to un-pair the Bluetooth speaker from the current device, then you have to go through putting your Bluetooth speaker into its pairing mode, followed by going through the pairing process on the device you want to play your music from. As we all know, that’s never a fun process.

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The Sphear Stereo Speakers, from OrigAudio, take the old school approach of utilizing a good old-fashioned 3.5mm headphone plug. This jack is conveniently located on nearly all smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, MP3 players, and CD players. No pairing, just plug and play.

Another advantage of the Sphear over those cheap little speakers at the checkout of nearly every department store or gas station is the Sphears’ ability to provide true stereo sound with its dual speakers. It’s much better than the attempt at simulated stereo in that cheapo speaker.

The Sphear speakers are, as the name suggests, sphere-shaped when connected together. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to properly pack all the cables between the two speakers when attempting to join them together, not impossible, but certainly not a walk in the park either. These speakers are marketed as being portable. However, when considering their size and the tangle of wires, I think they are best served in a dedicated location such as for a laptop workstation, coffee table, or kitchen counter top.

These speakers can either be powered by USB or by 3 AAA batteries. There is also a second USB port built into the Sphear which allows devices to be charged from it. Regrettably, however, when using rechargeable AAA batteries, they will not be recharged when the speakers are plugged into USB nor can smartphones draw power from the AAA batteries via the USB port. A rare issue I encountered was some light interference when near certain power supplies or RF (radio frequency) sources. This slight interference did not occur when used with either my iPhone or Macbook Air.

If you have been shopping for a pair of simple speakers and are fed up with Bluetooth pairing woes, then the Sphear Speakers from OrigAudio might be worth a look.

Made in China

Price: $ 24.22

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