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Tech Review: Arctic S113 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

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Arctic S113 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker


Bluetooth speakers seem to be a dime a dozen these days, sold in just about every drug store and gas station at incredibly low prices. The problem is that you typically get exactly what you pay for when you buy anything that is cheap. The S113 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker from Arctic, on the other hand, won’t disappoint you like those crummy little wannabe Bluetooth speakers.

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Not only does the Arctic S113 provide exceptional audio output, but it also doubles as a Bluetooth speakerphone with its built-in omnidirectional microphone, which allows you to quickly and easily answer and place phone calls without the need to touch your iPhone.

The S113 internal lithium ion battery boasts an impressive 8 hours of music playback and 700 hours of standby time. This is due to the automated Bluetooth 4.0 low energy mode. The battery level of the speaker is indicated next to the on screen Bluetooth symbol at the top right of your iPhone screen. Simply plug in the included micro USB cable to any standard USB port to recharge the battery after depleting it with hours of blasting your mind-blowing tunes.

Another technology that makes the S113 stand out from the Bluetooth crowd is its embedded NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This allows for one touch Bluetooth pairing with supported smartphones or tablets. iPhones currently do not support this technology. For those friends who want to play their music on your speaker, but their MP3 player doesn’t have Bluetooth, the S113 has a good old-fashioned 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and included audio jumper cable to accommodate them.

One of the features I like the most on the S113 Bluetooth speaker is its ability to activate “Siri” from the speaker. This is done with the function button located between the two volume buttons. If I were forced to be really picky I would have to say that the one feature this speaker is missing is a built-in full sized USB output charge port. This would turn the speaker into a backup battery for your smartphone.

When testing the wireless range, I was able to reliably play music up to 30 feet away while indoors. The range should increase when used outside, however I suggest you stick to 30 feet or less to ensure uninterrupted audio. In my testing, I found the clarity of this speaker to be quite clear. Many speakers perform very poorly when turned up to their max output level and typically only sound good until turned down to around 75%. With the Arctic Bluetooth S113 speaker, you can rock out with your jams cranked all the way up to 11!

If you are looking for a rugged Bluetooth speaker, then the S113 still fits the bill. Both the front and back speaker grills are metal, and the rest of the speaker is wrapped in a thick layer of shock absorbing rubber. This rubber comes in the following color options: black, white, blue, green, orange, and pink.

The S113 Bluetooth speaker from Arctic is definitely worth taking a closer look at if you are in the market for a wireless speaker. It’s rugged, reliable, compact, contains the latest wireless technology, easy to use, and (most importantly) it produces high quality sound.

Made in China

Price: $49.95

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