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Teatulia Tea


Teatulia, a different name and a different company. What is so different about this tea company you might wonder. Well have you ever known a tea company that sells quality tea and does so in 100% compostable/recyclable paper board canisters? If that is not enough, pair this great earth saving idea with non genetically modified (GMO) round tea bags that are also 100% compostable/biodegradable. We know that we all need to be doing more for the earth and a lot of us, these days, are. There is so much more that we can do. So a tea company that cares for the earth as much as it cares for it's customers is very different. I am not saying that there are no more out there like Teatulia, because there is, but I was taken back by these things that set them apart.

I am an avid tea drinker, my readers know, but is it rare that I locate a tea company that has done so much for the planet that has not take away from their products quality at the same time. In fact the quality of Teatulia's teas is exquisite. I don't say that lightly because I was actually impressed with their product quality, the taste was simply amazing. Their tea bags are round and is great tea. If you know a little about their teas, the quality is untouchable and the health benefits skyrocket compared to ground up tea leaves tossed ever so tightly in a small compact, traditional tea bag. Round tea bags allow the tea leaves to be infused better, more, because it fits in a round mug better making the infusion better.

So what does this mean, well it means each Teatulia tea bag can be brewed easier, making one purchase of their tea canisters go seemingly twice as far. Their organic Jasmine Green tea contains 30 round tea bags and is sold for $6.99 online, and do not forget it is organic. So where can you get 30 organic Jasmine tea bags for $6.99 elsewhere? It is hard to find, believe me, Jasmine is a top quality tea. So I liked this tea company a lot and for many reason. The taste of their Jasmine Green organic tea was just awesome. Jasmine is great as a stress reliever, sleep aid and even has been known to help rid people of headaches.

I tried their Jasmine Green, round tea bags and I had a great experience sharing their Earl of Bengal tea with my daughter, she just loved it. I have never heard of this tea elsewhere, it was to die for! I mean check out this official description of the tea from the Teatulia website:

"16 corn silk pyramid teabags, each filled with 2 grams of whole leaf tea"

  • Pyramid teabags allow extra space for leaves to infuse, bringing more flavor into each cup
  • Brew your own exquisite cup of tea for only $.56/cup!
  • Each whole leaf pyramid bag can be brewed 2 or 3 times
  • 100% organic tea, direct from our single garden in Bangladesh
  • Environmentally responsible packaging, made from compostable materials

Triangle tea bags offer more room for the tea to be infused in which means it will infuse better, and you should be able to use these tea bags twice. Their triangle tea bags are a little more expensive, which when you understand the benefits of triangle tea bags you will disagree. Since they can be brewed twice, and I tried this finding it very true, then you are purchasing one canister of which can be brewed as if it was two. No the quality did not diminish with the second brew. I simply left it a minute or two longer than the first brew and it was just as good as the first brew. So when you are ready for a taste and experience unlike the norm, I suggest Teatulia.

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