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Teamson Kids Pirate Boat Wooden Play House/Play Set with Figurines

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Teamson Kids Pirate Boat Wooden Play House/Play Set with Figurines


I often think of myself as being far more handy than I actually am. I fantasize about building my kids a giant play set castle made of wood. But that would take more time and skill than I have -- fortunately, this pirate ship is the next best thing. In short, it's a play set for the littles and a cabinet as they get older. What could go possibly wrong?

Taking it out of the box gives you a sense of what's in store: the entire cabinet is decorated. There are several decks, each with little details that add to the fun of role-play: cannonballs, barracks for the crew, a mess hall, and the captain's quarters. Pretty elaborate stuff for a cabinet. There are several wooden figures who fit in slots along the doors, and also some curious holes that I discovered later are for the wooden cannons to stick out of.

Things went downhill from there. It took me forever to put it together. This is in part due to the fact that the little stickers that are affixed to the beautiful detailing fell off in transit, and also due to my aforementioned lack of skill. It took me nearly two hours to put together, and that's including help from my six year old who held pieces of pressboard together while I bit my tongue to keep from swearing.

I was pretty proud of that pirate ship when it was done. Until I realized I put the two flanking parts of the ship on backwards, and had to take it apart and put them back on the right way.

Ahem. So THEN I was proud of what I had accomplished. I demonstrated how the door worked to my wife; the doors, you see, don't just shut closed but also lock with a mechanism that grips the door. Turns out putting screws into pressboard isn't such a good idea, because the grip tore the mechanism right off the door! I had to find bigger screws to re-affix it.

Where was I? Oh yes, so now I had a brand new shiny pirate playhouse for the kids. The cannons don't do anything, because they are meant to be placed within the cabinet facing outward -- this takes work to line up the cannons with the holes. There are holes in the back too (do the cannons point at the back of the ship/likely a wall? It's a mystery). Not too excited about the cannons.

There are vertical slots to hold our pirates, but there aren't enough for everybody, so some figures just sit, sulking, in the bowels of the ship. My kids liked the little pirate figures, particularly the monkey and parrot.

This pirate ship is a great idea with a mediocre execution.

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