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TeaDrops: Great tasting tea without the fuss

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As a devoted fan of loose tea, sometimes I like the "fuss" of preparation: the measuring of the tea, placing it in the steeper, setting the timer, straining the tea and, finally, pouring it into my cup. But, let's be honest, sometimes, that's more work than we're up for or our environs just can't accommodate. And, for tea ingenues, all that fuss can be intimidating. TeaDrops provides a solution for all those situations while - most importantly - not sacrificing great taste.

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TeaDrops are small bundles of tea formed in shapes such as stars and hearts that can be placed into your cup and all that's left to do is add hot water and stir. We sampled the "variety box" which contains two each of four different teas: cardamom spice, citrus ginger, peppermint and rose earl grey. They were as tasty to drink as they were easy to prepare.

My daughter, Rachel, is the chai devotee of the family, and she loved the cardamom spice tea. The mix of black tea, cardamom, ginger and vanilla hits just the right balance of sweet and spicy. With a splash of cream, it's special treat. This has become Rachel's new favorite tea.

I tend to favor Earl Grey and found the "Rose Earl Grey" to be delightful for afternoon tea time. The addition of rose petals to the traditional black tea and citrus blend, provides a a bit of sweetness which nicely compliments the typical tangy flavor of Earl Grey.

Important to note: the teas include organic sugar, so they all taste a bit sweeter than a standard blend. TeaDrops is coming out with a Stevia (non-sugar) version as well as a non-sweetened series in the upcoming months.

I found all the teas good tasting and fun to make. All the tea is individually wrapped, making it easy to bring anywhere, including the office. The tea comes in packages of eight (variety or select tea) and housed in compostable paper boxes or beautiful balsa wood boxes with a sliding top. The latter makes a wonderful gift option.

To order TeaDrops and for more information, visit their website at

Reviewers note: TeaDrops was sent to me by TeaDrops to sample. The Detroit Tea Examiner does pick and choose what products appear in print and does not recommend something we would not use on ourselves or family.