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Tea with Tea Time Express

Front of the cafe
Front of the cafe
Jacob Willson Photographer

Tea Time Express


There is a well-kept secret hidden inside the 99 Ranch Market on McKinley in Corona. Pass through those sliding glass doors and you will see it. The Tea Time Express, a small little café that specializes in Asian style teas and cuisine.

Tea Time Express is affiliated with the Ten Ren’s Tea Time café franchise. This café is a small off shoot of the same brand. So they have a smaller drink and food menu than the bigger locations, but that doesn’t hold back Tea Time Express at all.

The pros of Tea Time Express are that it’s not like the normal Starbucks where you can get a coffee and a cookie, maybe a sandwich. At Tea Time they have food on the menu that isn‘t what you would find in your run of the mill coffee shop. The drink menu ranges from Milk teas, Milk Icee’s, five base tea choices (Green, Black, Jasmine, Milk) and seventeen different flavors you can combine with the base tea.

Other pros are how different the food menu is from most cafes. At Tea Time Express you can get Wok Style Bowls with your choice of rice (white or brown), choice of meat (fish, pork, beef, chicken, tofu), these bowls are so delicious. They have Bento Style dishes that come with rice or soup. Chicken Wings, Wraps, and tea snacks.

Now the Tea Snacks live up to their namesake, they are the perfect pair with any of Tea Time Express’ teas. Well priced below five dollars, you can get Takoyaki, Spicy Boiled Wontons, Salt & Pepper Tempura, Popcorn Chicken, and so many more amazing things. For the adventurous eater the Takoyaki is something to try. Small pieces of octopus battered, and fried, slathered in amazing sauce (it’s a mystery delicious sauce) served hot. Try it once and you wont regret it.

The only cons with Tea Time is that if you don’t tell them to cut back on the sweetness of the tea it will come out tasting like sugar water. So make sure to ask if the tea is sweetened or not, especially if you don’t like overtly sweet drinks. Also at Tea Time Express because it is located in a 99 Ranch Market there is a fresh fish area not far from the café, and because of that a lovely fish smell wafts over into the café area. After awhile it did fade into the background, but be weary of that if you are sensitive to such smells.

Overall Tea Time Express is a fun place to go with your friends, you can grab some great tea and explore the neighboring market if you feel so inclined