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Tea review: Bigelow English Breakfast Tea for Keurig brewers

A cup of Bigelow English Breakfast Tea from a Keurig Brewer
A cup of Bigelow English Breakfast Tea from a Keurig Brewer
Margaret Studer

Bigelow English Breakfast Tea for Keurig Brewers.


Bigelow makes some very good teas. Readers may be most familiar with their teabag teas sold in grocery stores. They are also known for their loose leaf teas such as Constant Comment, Earl Grey and their American Classic series such as Charleston Breakfast Loose Tea. Now many of their teas, including their English Breakfast Tea, are available on convenient K-cups.

Though some tea purists may find the idea of using a Keurig brewer unthinkable, it is time to think again. The Bigelow English Breakfast Tea packaged in the K-cups is delicious and convenient.

The review: Bigelow English Breakfast Tea for Keurig brewers

The steeping: One .11 ounce K-cup was brewed in 7.25 ounces of water heated to 197 degrees with the use of a Keurig K64 brewer.

The liquor: The liquor is dark brown with a nice, somewhat fruity fragrance. The flavor is full bodied, smooth and strong. It does not have the depth of flavor of a full leaf loose leaf tea, but it does taste very good. It did have a sweet, somewhat woody taste that many English breakfast teas have. Perhaps some Assam tea was included in the blend.

Surprisingly, it is better than most teabag English breakfast teas despite being brewed at a lower temperature than most full leaf black teas. This is probably because the tea leaves have been ground quite fine, almost to a dust, to allow great surface contact with the water. The water passes through very quickly, drawing flavor from the leaves.

Conclusion: If you want to make good hot black tea fast, this is the way to do it. Will it beat a nice cup of loose leaf tea steeped in a teapot? No, it will not nor should it be expected to. Different times have different tea needs.

This is tea for the first thing in the morning or any time when you do not have the time or energy to go through the loose leaf tea steeping process. There is no boiling water, measuring tea or warming the pot. Put the K-cup in pack holder, close the lid, push the button. You have tea in about a minute if the brewer has been turned on.

Bigelow English Breakfast Tea in K-cups is certified fair trade. It is packaged by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters who provided the tea for this review. This did not affect the result of this review.

Bigelow English Breakfast Tea K-cups are available from both the Bigelow and Green Mountain sites as well as some grocery stores.