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Te Wahi review: Cloudy Bay's newest wine is a delicious, flexible Pinot Noir

Enjoy a bottle today.
Permission to use photo given by Cloudy Bay

Te Wahi Pinot Noir


As someone who thoroughly enjoys the taste of a soft, mild red wine, Te Wahi was a natural delight and one that I found to be very agile with different food pairings. Cloudy Bay has something very nice on their hands and it'll be interesting to see how consumers react to this brand-new Pinot Noir.

Te Wahi is a Pinot Noir that comes from the Central Otago region in New Zealand, and surprisingly, this is the first new release for Cloudy Bay in a quarter century. While Te Wahi joins Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir as the second type in the company's portfolio, Te Wahi separates itself with its grapes, taste and agility.

Getting to the details of scents when you first open-up the bottle and take in its fragrances, Te Wahi greets the senses with strong floral scents and subtle hints of cherry as well. When you take a sample of the Pinot Noir you are met with an apparent, yet not overbearing presentation as well as a very mild taste that is pleasant to experience.

During the final stages of the sample, you'll notice the subtle cherry flavors start to come back as well as one of the smoother finishes we've sampled in a while. The overall experience is enjoyable, smooth and perfectly balanced to bring together Cloudy Bay's newest Pinot Noir.

Some of the foods we thought fit especially well with the Pinot Noir were chicken pesto pasta as well as a medium cooked sirloin steak. While you may sit there and wonder why those two meats are paired with the same wine, it's because Te Wahi truly fits with both. This is the agile and dynamic nature I have been speaking of along the way.

Te Wahi holds a pH level of 3.69 and an alcohol by volume of 14.5%, which is all pretty standard. Some further insight into why Cloudy Bay decided to expanded their Pinot Noir offerings was given by Cloudy Bay Winemaker Nick Lane.

"The harvesting of Te Wahi in the Central Otago region represents an opportunity to expand into exciting new territory and utilize soil that lends itself to harvesting great pinot noirs," Lane said.

While only a few, select United States retailers were chosen for an early release of the Te Wahi Pinot Noir, Cloudy Bay has aspirations of expanding its distribution sometime this year. The current SRP for Cloudy Bay's newest Pinot Noir is $75. Check with your nearest liquor retailer to see if they carry Te Wahi for an experience of your own.

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