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Taylor Swift, "Shakes It Off," with Motown inspired single

Taylor Swift- Shake It Off (new single)


Herbie Hancock once said, “to be an artist, a musician you have to drive yourself, you can’t listen to what other people think or what they want to hear from you. You as the artist are the only one that knows what is best for you, and not what others are saying about you.” True to form Taylor Swift is doing her own thing, making music she wants to make, not what other people want her to make. With the release of her new single, “Shake It Off,” Swift is literally taking her new music to the next level both sonically and personally. The song starts with a distinct Motown Soul vibe and keeps that feel throughout the entire song.

Taylor Swift
Photo by Theo Wargo/NBC

I stay out too late, got nothing in my brain, that’s what people say mhm hmm, that’s what people say. The song begins and right off the bat Swift lands the haymaker to all her critics.
Taking from the Hancock quote, "I've got this music in my mind, telling me it’s gonna be alright."
If a lyric doesn’t throw back to the days of well written and performed songs of the Motown Era, I’m not sure, then, that a song like that exist.

Taylor Swift also announced a new album titled 1989 and commented that it is the most pop and soul influenced record she’s put out. “This record means the world to mean, for the past two years I’ve listened to Diana Ross, The Supremes and most everything from late ‘80’s pop. I’m truly proud of this album.”

A force of nature, amazing songwriter, and the epitome of professionalism and performance, Taylor Swift is preparing to re-take over the world. “Shake It Off,” is one of the best songs released in 2014.

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