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Tasty N Sons

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Tasty N Sons


I came across an article on Buzzfeed last week titled "21 Things You Miss After Moving Away From Portland". As I read through the list I felt it was spot on and I also noticed that there were a few places on the list that I haven't had the opportunity to dine so I took it upon myself to add #13 ...…and nothing can ever top brunch at Tasty N Sons to my PDX dining bucket list.

Saturday my husband and I arrived at Tasty N Sons for brunch at 9:15am to an entryway filled with patrons waiting to be seated. Of course, we expected to wait since we didn't arrive early for this "must eat brunch" location and when we put our name on the list were pleased that the wait time would only be 30 minutes. I was very pleased that we were offered to leave a phone number to be called when it was our turn should we want to wander about the neighborhood or run an errand due to the length of time available to wait. We chose to stay in the entryway and take in the ambiance of all that Tasty N Sons provided. There were families and couples and a group of women among those waiting. One gentleman who had obviously eaten at the restaurant before greeted those who came in the door letting them know the drill -- head up the stairs around the cluster of people waiting to get your name on the list. After 20 minutes of waiting my husband and I were seated at my favorite location to eat in a restaurant ~ side by side at a bar seating area where we could watch all the action in the kitchen.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the menu. I didn't come with any knowledge on Tasty N Sons other than it was a top brunch destination. The menu had a wide range of options to choose from and separated into categories ~ "Smaller Plates", "The Boards" , "Bigger Plates", "The Sides" and "Sweets". The waitress was friendly and I asked her what exactly Tasty N Sons is "known for" and she recommended Moroccan Chicken Hash with harissa cream & over-easy egg, Burmese Red Pork Stew with short grain rice & eggs two ways, and Polenta n Sausage Ragu with mozzarella & over easy egg as the favorites among customers that regularly sell out. So, I opted for the Moroccan Chicken Hash along with a cup of Black Tea. My husband ordered The Jersey Breakfast taylor pork roll with cheddar & fried egg with hash browns.

Watching the kitchen in action was impressive. They have an amazing staff that gets the job done, communicates extremely well with one another as well as the waitresses. You couldn't ask for anything more from a staff. They have their procedure down and are as efficient as can be. Our wait from the time we ordered in a restaurant filled to the brim, at least 15 tickets hanging and waiting was around 10 minutes. Seriously impressive. Somebody give those employees a raise!!!

Now the food review. My black tea came first in a large glass mug along with cream/milk and honey on the side. The tea was Smith Tea and wonderful. I've added their tea shop to my PDX bucket list for next time I'm in that area. The Moroccan Chicken Hash with harissa cream & over-easy egg I was told by the waitress would be spicy. It wasn't spicy at all. The portion was large and a fantastic mix of potatoes and peppers and olives however I wish there was more harissa cream to accompany the portion I received and although there was pepper and salt available on the table I wish that there had been some seasoning added in the cooking process. It fell short as a must have, will be missed for sure dish. My husband's hashbrowns were just hashbrowns -- not seasoned, cooked well, and nothing special. He did LOVE The Jersey Breakfast taylor pork roll with cheddar & fried egg UNTIL he found a hair in it. A very long human hair and that kind of takes a hit to the taste buds for any diner, anywhere.

So for now our rating of Tasty N Sons is 3 STARS. We loved the great service, we loved that we were seated within the time frame promised, the kitchen staff was amazing....our food just didn't take us to that level of food bliss that I hoped for as a diner.