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Designer Skin Excess by Designer Skin

Designer Skin offers some of the greatest indoor tanning lotions you will ever use.
Designer Skin offers some of the greatest indoor tanning lotions you will ever use.
Sarah Afshar

Excess by Designer


Designer Skin is one of the most popular tanning brands in the world today. With everything from indoor tanning lotions to sunless tanning lotions to even cosmetics, Designer Skin proves they are at the top of their game in this industry. Recently, I had the opportunity to try Designer Skin's Excess by Designer tanning lotion. What did I think?


Out of many tanning lotions I have used, Excess by Designer possesses one of the best formulas out there in terms of using white bronzers. The opulent white bronzer in this formula is long-lasting and develops in a 2 to 3 hour time frame.

The 24/7 LongLast Complex in this lotion not only provides your skin with advanced moisture and hydration, but long-lasting color that is natural looking and streak-free.

What I loved about this Designer Skin addition is the fact that it contains an array of antioxidants that work together to limit and prevent various forms of DNA damage. As it is doing this, it works to improve your skin too.

Photo Ready Airbrush Technology works to firm the skin, as it works to increase the circulation of the skin. I am not sure if my mind was playing tricks on me, but I noticed after using this product, my skin felt quite firm.

This tanning lotion is not only hemp-free, but gluten-free too.

No animals were harmed when this product was produced, as this product was NOT tested on animals.


With ingredients such as Grape Seed Oil, Bitter Orange Peel Extract, Sunflower Oil, Caffeine, Shea Butter, Mushroom Extract, Safflower Seed Oil, Aloe, Tyrosine, Dimethicone, and more; it is very key to refrain from using this product if you suffer from an allergy to any of them. If your skin reacts to these ingredients, I don't think you will be interested in this tanning lotion.

The scent can be described as a citrus amber fusion, but to me I did not smell any of the citrus notes. In fact, it was quite soapy smelling, as if it were uni-sex. I love fruity or warm with the occasional creamy floral scents, so of course this was my only downfall about this particular product. If you love fruity, warm, or the occasional creamy floral scent; you aren't going to be interested in this product.

Excess by Designer is available at Designer Skin or your nearest Designer Skin retailer for $87. Would I use this product again? I love the product itself, however; as a woman who loves fruity and warm scents, I am kind of on the fence. Would I recommend this lotion to a friend? Yes. Especially if you are into a fusion of citrus and amber notes. If you are into fruity scents, then no. For more information about this product, please visit today.

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