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'Tangled' is a solid musical



One of the most successful films of 2013 was the Disney film "Frozen," a computer-animated musical which won the Oscar for Best Animated Film. Young girls have embraced the feisty heroines of the movie, but you do not have to be a female below the age of 12 to enjoy the first-rate storytelling that undergirds the film. Another recent computer-animated musical made by Disney is "Tangled," which came out in 2010. Like "Frozen," it conveys a solid narrative with complex characters as interesting as ones in many live-action movies.

"Tangled" tells a modified version of the German fairy tale of Rapunzel. In this version, she is born to a king and queen, but as a baby, she was abducted by the evil Mother Gothel (voiced by Donna Murphy), who took her into the woods and raised her. She did this because Rapunzel's hair has magical powers which she uses to make herself appear younger. As a young woman (voiced by Mandy Moore), her hair is now extremely long. While Mother Gothel is out of town, she meets Flynn Rider (voiced by Zachary Levi), a bandit who agrees to take her to see floating lights which she has seen every year on her birthday. On their adventure, Rapunzel learns a lot about her past.

"Tangled" has a great cast of characters. Mandy Moore is excellent as Rapunzel, who is tough and desperate to see the floating lights. Flynn is very funny since he is in love with himself. He is played well by Zachary Levi. As Mother Gothel, Donna Murphy makes a great villain. Another memorable character is Maximus, a silent horse who hates Flynn at first, but grows to like him.

The musical numbers in the film are very well-done. One memorable number is set in a bar. Here, Rapunzel and Flynn meet a lot of colorful characters. This scene is very amusing.

"Tangled" is a great choice for fans of musicals or animated films.