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Tamarac Cinema "The Last Picture Show "

one of the most colorful  movie lobby's in the US of A
one of the most colorful movie lobby's in the US of A
richard klempner

Tamarack Cinema 5


In full support of the ever present Jewish community in the Tamarack Florida and surrounding area , my friend Morrie Zryl manager , of the Tamarack 5 theater, who has a great Jewish Neshama (soul) , treated me to some great inside news about the theaters past , present and future plans and Ideas. So lets start with his Idea of showing some of the best films and movies portraying Jewish Ideas ,stars, past and present as he can find, and also keeps a strictly kosher menu , for the butter popcorn and candy's.

The prices recently changed and tickets are now $3 normally and $2 on Tuesdays. Still a million times better than $11 per ticket at Regal/AMC! This theater usually does "last run" movies although sometimes they have movies that are still showing in the larger chains at 1/10 the price! Staff is mostly friendly and made up of teenager's, but which movie theater isn't these days? Candy and snacks are reasonably priced compared to Regal or AMC theaters. Picture quality on most of their theaters is fair as is the sound but for $2 you can't complain. Some of the screens and projectors have artifacts, but its not too noticeable. Recently renovated and the bathrooms, are a plus.

On an exclusive interview with my friend,(manager) I asked him what else attracts most of the Jewish population besides showing as many Jewish themed movies as possible, and some of the most recent releases, the Items at the concession stand was also a pleasant surprise, "kosher food" at a movie, ? unheard of, but looking int the menu of Kosher hot dogs, and other Items in the concession stand, it means having not to worry about the kashurus or an O/U symbol , coke products are ok, and you can probably see the labels if you ask politely,

My last movie a great recommended movie was the "Book Thief" it had a tear jerk-er for an ending but made the crowd happy as the spoke about it when they left.

Ready to go to the movies again, now your chance, to look on the web at tarmac 5 , watch a few trailers and decide what movie you'd like to go see.

And be prepared to travel back in time, for the theater is decorated in old time memorabilia

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