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Written by Min. Che’ri Humphrey, M.ED; January 21, 2014

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Founder & President of Diamonds In The Rough (DITR)…Finding The Spirit In Me!

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In Bridgeport this past Saturday, January 18, 2014 friends, family, local ministers and pastoral clergy came out to celebrate the long life of Joel Joyner who turned 60 yrs old. A local elder and organist at True Vine of Holiness in Bridgeport, CT where the pastor isJoseph Greene.

There were praise dancers, singers, ministers, friends, and family who gave of themselves to show love for their friend and loved one, Joel Steven Joyner on this his birthday. Whether they had talent or not they gave their very best in expressing themselves artistically and with heart! Some with a comedy flare and some praising in the Holy Ghost in remembrance of where God has brought them from. On the bill was myself, as mistress of ceremony (emcee), and spoken Word artist; recording artist Sheila McCoy, Joel's nephew, nieces and more. DJ Aventura gave us contemporary gospel all night mixed with traditional spiritual sounds. The food was amazing. Michelle and others servers were very hospitable. Joel and his wife, Jackie put much work in making his night spect-acular, and did a fantabulous job!

Enjoy the spoken word pieces below. One was done at the event, I ministered, called "Testimony." Also, the video clip shows Sheila McCoy ministering in song, but at another event. However, show the skill level and exudes the anointing the Lord has placed on her life to minister to us in song, nevertheless.

TESTIMONY (Redemption)

Theeeere’s testimonies shut up in my bones

I moan and groan over the many days I spent in court

Mad at the devil, now I laugh ‘cause what he tried didn’t work

Conception through belief and faith in His Word

Protecting spiritual pregnancies I refuse to let abort

My soul is RELIEVED and REDEEMED by His blood and grace

NO, I don’t know karate, but I know crazy faith!

Crazy faith got me through so many times when I had fallen short

I don’t have to take revenge ‘cuz vengeance is MINE saith the Lord

I’m a SURVIVOR through His love and faith-can ya’ll relate?

The enemy has been on my case since March 28th at the BIRTH of this race

See I didn’t fight the war over seas, but I fought in the battle within my family,

Next the streets to church indecencies then uprooting the enemy inside me

So when you look at me remember this word-REDEMPTION!

‘cuz my very presence is a victory untold

Refining in the fire yet to come out as pure gold

Defeating every type of abuse on the totem pole

All in the name of salvation and speaking life into someone else’s soul

Jesus is gonna give back what the devil stole and mo’

So, stop playing games and act like you know


Written by Che'ri Humphrey of DITR...

Copyrights©2007 (2/18/07; revised 2/19/07)

This piece was done on Our Lives Talk Show, WVOF 88.5fm, WNHU, People of Excellence, What’s Good Show, Make it Happen Show, Keeping it Real Show, Talk 2 Me Radio, and other radio shows such as WDJZ, etc.


Husssshhhh, Hold your peace and be still

I’ma slip you some words that are holy ghost spirit filled

Little Richard neva took God’s place

God IS the Originator & Creator- that’s not up for foolish debate

Cuz in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the

Word was God

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver

So start cleanin’ up the words that you say- cuz the wrong words can killa ya

Listen, he spoke creation into existence and for this I am here

Made in His image and likeness, creativity resides here

LOOOOK--- no more labels attached to me

Not bound by your impressions of what you said I should be

I’m like the woman with the issue of blood so STEP ASIDE!

I might accidentality “drip- drop” some of this fresh, anointed wine, if you don’t mind!

Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world

Don’t try to bottle me up cuz’ this flask might burst

He can give us peace that passes all understanding

Hold up--STOP! Am I too demanding?

You’re so supposed to have faith and believe

All things are possible in Christ Jesus

So when the enemy tells you, you used to, you can’t, you aren't, and you won’t be

Remind him that he has no right or authority over your destiny, so FLEE !

Instead he’ll be used as footstool to reach your dreams

Laugh, and smile in the face of adversity!

See, we don’t need man’s titles because we’re born with diverse, unique, complexity

Rip off those phony labels since they really don’t mean a thing

Please no blockin’ passage ways or stickin’ your labels on Creativity

Cuz I am her and she is me

It ‘s not what YOU say, but who GOD created me to be.

Written by Che'ri Humphrey, Fndr/Pres of Diamonds in the Rough...Finding the Spirit in Me! Copyrights ©2008 (2/1/08)

Revised 2/6/08

This piece won 1st place at the McDonald's Gospelfest 2008 at the Prudential in NJ.


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