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Take your spring cleaning to a new eco-friendly level

Reusable cleaning cloths made from organic bamboo
Reusable cleaning cloths made from organic bamboo
Copyright: The Paperless Kitchen

Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Sweeper Sheets with Sweeper Scrubbing Dots


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Warm weather is upon us, and spring cleaning has begun! If you strive to have an eco-friendly home, this new product is for you.

Disposable cleaning products are among the most wasteful in the home cleaning arsenal. Single-use paper towels and throw-away static cling pads are not only expensive, but also detrimental to our environment. I reviewed the Paperless Kitchen's SKOY cloths and Bamboee reusable 'paper' towels in the past, and am happy to report that I am still happily washing and using the same ones. They clean well, wash easily and hold up to everything from scrubbing to light dusting. They are a great paper towel alternative for all of your countertop and surface spring cleaning.

The Paperless Kitchen has now come up with solutions to help with the task of cleaning floors, while preserving our precious environment. Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Sweeper Sheets with Sweeper Scrubbing Dots, featured on Shark Tank are organic bamboo cloths are made to fit on your static cling sweeper. With one side of scrubbing dots and another smooth side, they work wonderfully on wood floors and stone or tile. Used and rewashed over twenty times, mine have held up wonderfully, coming out clean, soft and ready to use again. And because they are made from sustainable bamboo, they keep our trees in the forest where they belong. One Roll of Bambooee Sweeps, size 11.5" x 10.125" replaces up to 1,500 disposable sweeper sheets. Paired with homemade cleaner, are soft cloths were effective, environmentally friendly and gentle to my floors. Washing them and hanging them outside to dry is the ultimate way to save money, time and energy. Note: I have tried stuffing my rags into the pockets of my static cling sweeper before, and then using it to clean. They don’t stay on and end up falling off before I have gotten much cleaning done. Not so with the Bambooee Sweeps – they hold tight and don’t come off until I am ready to switch.

I challenge you to make this spring cleaning your most environmentally friendly yet! Get started with the Paperless Kitchen’s line of organic, reusable products today and feel good about your contribution to a healthier environment. With free shipping on every order and coupon code “gopaperless5” for 5% off all products, you can’t go wrong. I’m impressed with their innovation and commitment to improve human impact on our planet. As someone with pets, I’ve really put these products to the test and I am happy to be able to recommend them to you.

The Paperless Kitchen is genuinely interested in providing eco-friendly alternatives to the waste we produce in our homes daily. They do it with innovative style, functionality and a green twist that you can’t help but love. And the staff at the company is not only friendly and very helpful, but also down to earth and eco-conscious. Support a company that truly means well – vote with your money! Check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, and sign up for their email newsletters to receive special offers here. Make sure to cruise their website, and check out all of the other cool products they provide.

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