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Take better selfies with the Selfy!

Selfy Case for the iPhone 5/5S by iLuv


Having trouble creating great selfies to share with friends? Can’t fit everyone in the photo like Ellen DeGeneres’ epic selfie at the Oscars? Well, iLuv may just have the solution with, what else, the Selfy!

Selfy by iLuv
Selfy iPhone 5/5S Case

Selfy is described as a complete ecosystem of products that gives you new and exciting ways to take great photos and videos with your mobile device. The lead product is a protective case equipped with a built in wireless camera shutter, that can be removed to allow you to capture perfect selfies and group photos. The Selfy is currently being offered for the iPhone 5/5S and Galaxy S5, in addition to the iPad Air and iPad Mini as a pre-order.

The Selfy can be easily paired with your smartphone using the Bluetooth feature and shuts down if the device is inactive for more than five minutes. The shutter can be easily slid out from the cases and will allow you to position your device before snapping a photo, whether you’re holding or setting it down. What’s more, you won’t have to download any special app and the case itself has a durable design made of impact-resistant polycarbonate.

Accessories from iLuv’s complete ecosystem of products include a mini tripod, car mount and even a helmet mount designed for outdoor activities such as mountain biking.

iLuv is currently offering consumers a chance to win a free Selfy, retailed at $49, simply by taking a your best selfie based upon a selected theme and uploading it on the iLuv website or posted on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+, using the hashtag #iLuvSelfy! According to the most recent information posted online, six winners (three for photo and three for video) will be announced the following Friday.

If you’re like the millions of people who have trouble taking selfies, consistently include “selfies arms” or snap out of focus photos, the Selfy will resolve these issues. Is it gimmicky? Some may say yes, but there’s nothing else like it on the market.