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Take a trip back in time before DVD and Blu-ray with Rewind This!

Rewind This!


Documentaries deliver some of the most powerful stories around if the focus on the subject matter is dealt with properly. The latest Rewind This! doesn’t take on any poignant issue, but instead takes a nostalgic journey to the world of the VHS and the history and importance of them.

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Rewind This! takes viewers back to the 1980s, where the videocassette recorder redefined popular culture. With it, the film and television media were never the same as the former gained a valuable new revenue stream and popular penetration while the latter's business model was forever disrupted. This film covers the history of the device with its popular acceptance opening a new venue for independent filmmakers and entrepreneurs. In addition, various collectors of the now obsolete medium and its nostalgically esoteric fringe content are profiled as well. This is one of those films that is that will hit home more with those that grew up with the VHS boom. Back in the day there was nothing more exciting than realizing you could now bring the movies you love home with you. This film takes viewers on a nostalgic journey to a time when movies meant something and the technology to bring them home was like nothing we had seen. The film is well-crafted to not only entertain with some awesomely cheesy film clips, but also great information on what happened in the industry as well as some intriguing people still obsessed with it all. In addition it brings up a lot of valid arguments of how VHS not only saved film but brought us numerous classics that would have likely been lost.

This is one of the most nostalgic and fun documentaries to come along in years. It serves as not only a trip back for fans of movie and the home video boom, but a history lesson to those who weren’t there to learn what they may laugh at now paved the way for what they have today. Rewind This! is a must see documentary for any fan of film so be sure to grab your copy when it hits shelves on January 14th.