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Take a sneak peek inside this misunderstood world in ‘A Brony Tale’

A Brony Tale


Documentaries are a tricky genre to master. Morgan Spurlock has become one of those that clearly not only delivers his own film, but recognizes well-crafted ones as well. The latest A Brony Tale, takes on one of the seemingly strangest phenomenon in geek culture today, but does it help, hurt or just do nothing to make this obsession more understood?

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Virgil Films

A Brony Tale takes an inside look at the fascination with the TV series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, most notably the male audience known as Bronies. In addition it follows voice actor Ashleigh Bell who voices two of the characters in the series as she embarks on her first convention appearance and shift into major celebrity. To most this whole concept is strange, but to those that have been in the geek fandom of comics or sci-fi have a bit better chance of accepting it. This is one of those that was aching for a documentary if for no other reason that they can express their feelings on their beloved series and have a platform to explain it to those that don’t understand it. They intelligently took all types of fans to speak with to showcase all the variety of people into it as opposed to just the stereotypical fans most associate with this kind of thing. The other side of the film takes a unique look at the celebrities behind the hype. We have all seen the celebrities and assume they are just used to this kind of thing, but to get to see some at the beginning before their life is surely changed forever is really cool to watch. She is honest in the film with her confusion to the obsession with the show as well as concerns about doing the convention, but is also given a chance to express her views after the experience. In addition fans will get to spend more time with her to learn about her career in both voice acting and music.

This is a great documentary that shines a light on a misunderstood world of fandom. While this one focuses on Bronies, it delivers the same message regarding fandom and collecting across the board. Whether you are in to comics, sci-fi, sports, movies or My Little Pony, the passion is the same and should not be judged whether you find it strange or not. Whether you are into the geek culture or not give this unique peek into this world and get educated before you judge.

Check out A Brony Tale in theaters now and hitting VOD on July 15th.