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Tail Mix Roasted Chicken treats by Whole Life Pet

Even picky kitties love Tail Mix Roasted Chicken
via Whole Life Pet [dot] com

tail mix Roasted Chicken cat treats


Most cats respond quite well to treats. My cat Emma is not one of them. She goes crazy for one specific treat by one specific company, that's it.

Well, that was it until she tried tail mix Roasted Chicken by Whole Life Pet, a company deeply committed to offering high quality treats made from human grade ingredients. One bite and she nearly lost her kitty mind (in a good way!).

I offered a sample of the crunchy treat to all three of my cats, expecting the two boys to gobble it up and Emma to just walk away. She did not. Instead she ate the treat like she had been starving for days and then meowed for more. Success!!

I discovered the treats while visiting the Whole Life Pet display at the 2014 Global Pet Expo. The company's founder, John Gigliotti, explained that they introduced the line as a complement to their other offerings.

The main difference between Whole Life Pets' other chicken treats and tail mix Roasted Chicken is the type of meat. In the Whole Life line, chicken breast is used, whereas leg and thigh meat are sourced for the tail mix Roasted Chicken. There are no other ingredients - just chicken thigh and leg meat, roasted then freeze-dried.

tail mix Roasted Chicken comes in "dog" size and "cat" size pieces, which are much smaller. I found that some of the pieces were still a bit too large to offer without breaking them in half first. Not really a big issue at all.

Whole Life Pet, based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, offers an extensive line of pet treats, including some that are 100% organic.

This is a company that operates like a farm-to-table restaurant. They use human food suppliers, all right here in the U.S.A. In addition, Whole Life Pet tests samples from every product batch for bacteria and other food-borne pathogens before shipping them out.

To learn more about Whole Life and tail mix, visit To find a retailer near you (carried at most PetSmart and Wegmen's stores, as well as many indie pet food and supply stores), click here. Whole Life and tail mix varieties are also available through many online retailers.

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