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Tabatha: A mini series graphic novel

A four part graphic novel


Neil Gibson’s graphic novel, Tabatha, gives new meaning to the old saying, “ Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Neil brings his bizarre storytelling twist to comic book fans about a man name Luke, a mail courier by day and a thief by night, fights for his life in the home of a homicidal man and his beautiful fantasy lover. Penciled and Inked by Casper Wijngaard, Colored by Anja Poland and written by Neil Gibson, this well illustrated comic book will have readers feel “Cold Chills” run down their backs after reading this four part mini series.

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I find this mini graphic novel lingers a sort of “To Be Continue” feeling Readers will enjoy the dark and complex love affair between Mr. Gustav and Tabatha, a mannequin with a personality of her own. The story opens as a routine burglary heist, Luke and his friends discover the residents of a homicidal special effect artist whose home is filled with masks, props and Tabatha. As one by one are captured and imprisoned, Gustav finds the perfect specimen he’s been looking for that will make this true love a reality. I highly recommend anyone to read the four part mini series Tabatha. It will leave readers to wonder what do next door neighbors do in their spare time. Tabatha, written by Neil Gibson, is on sale through or for download at For more information about Neil Gibson and his team click here.

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